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  1. melancholy
  2. lurid
  3. palpable
  4. malefactor
  5. oblivion
  1. a a criminal (ant = law-abiding citizen)
  2. b sensational, gruesome and causing shock or horror
  3. c depression of spirits (ant = happiness)
  4. d state of being forgotten (ant = rememberance)
  5. e tangible, perceptible, easily noticeable

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  1. deserving hate or contempt (ant = respectable)
  2. a loud ringing (usually of bells)
  3. makes unnecessary, prevents as a result of anticipating (ant = instigates, begins)
  4. to soothe or to appease, to assuage (ant = to aggravate)
  5. slow, sluggish, listless, weak (ant = animated)

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  1. magnateto ease pain, guilt or intensity (ant = to intensify)


  2. malevolencecapable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable (ant = unpliable)


  3. loquaciousmotivated by hate or deliberate intent to harm (ant = kind)


  4. malleablecapable of being shaped, influenced, or altered; tractable (ant = unpliable)


  5. pallorextreme paleness usually relating to the face (ant = ruddy color)


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