the white of the egg


the old method of determing a fresh egg


thick white strands, shows its a fresh egg


the mot important nuutrient we get from eggs

blood spot

______ does not determine quality of eggs. (safe to eat)

Eggs Benedict

muffin with ham and egg topped with hollandaise sauce

Egg substitutes

egg yolk removed; egg beaters of egg whites

out of the shell

to freeze eggs, they must be _____ __ ______ ________.

Tempering eggs

adding eggs to carefully to a hot liquid to ensure they don't scramble


bacteria found in eggs


separate yolks from whites

What do eggs do in recipes?

cause food to rise,thicken, and bind

cream puffs

What is an example of eggs causing foods to rise?

cream puff filling

What is an example of eggs causing foods to thicken?

bread pudding

What is an example of eggs causing foods to thicken?

egg pie; eggs used to thicken


with bread, eggs used to thicken and bind

cheese strata

made from egg whites only, beaten to stiff peaks


no oil, grease, on bowls or beaters; no yolks or fat in whites, add sugar a little at a time



used for mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce


cooked in liquid


cooked in oven


most thick white (picture perfect) top grade


some thin white


no thick white


dried eggs, used only for baking

hard cooked

water should never boil, simmer only

eggs were cooked too long, or not cooled quickly enough

green rings around yolk happen for two reasons:


Eggs are graded for quality by a system called ______ which uses lights to illuminate the eggs' structure.\

medium; large

Most recipes are formulated to use ____ or ______ size eggs.


Cracked eggs can contain harmful ______, which can cause foodborne illness.


An _____ is the mixture that forms when you combine liquids that ordinarily do not mix.


_____ increases the stability of an egg white foam, and it also increases beating time.


The blending process used to quickly but gently combine egg white foams with other ingredients is called _____.

thickening agents

Whole eggs and egg yolks are used as ______ _______ in such foods as sauces, custards, and puddinhgs.

binding agents

Eggs are used as _____ _______ that hold together the ingredients in foods such as meat loaf and croquettes.


It is safest not to use ____ eggs in any dish that is not thoroughly cooked.


Egg ________ are made largely from real egg whites, but they contain no egg yolks.


Temperature, time, and the addition of other ingredients affect the ______ of eggs when heated during cooking.

completely set; thickened

Safely cooked eggs have ______ ______ whites and ________ yolks.


When poaching eggs, adding a small amount of salt or _____ will cause the proteins to coagulate faster.


Remove eggs from the shell and gently _____ egg yolks before microwaving to prevent them from bursting.


_____ are beaten egg mixtures that are cooked without stirring ans served folded in half.


____ are fluffy baked preparations made with a starch-thickened sauce that is folded into stiffly beaten egg whites.


A fluffy white mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar, which may be soft or hard, is called a _______.


A layer of moisture that sometimes forms between a meringue topping and a pie filling is known as _______.


Golden droplets that appear on the surface of a meringue are called ______.


The leakage of a liquid from a gel, such as in a baked custard, is called _______.

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