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7th SAT list

acrimony - noun

words or behavior filled with harshness or anger

affable - adj

friendly; easygoing

banal - adj

boring; trite; insipid

cajole - verb

to fool with flattery or false promises; coax; deceive

deference - noun

the act of yielding to someone else out of respect

endemic - adj

native to a particular country or among a particular group

futile - adj

hopelessly ineffective; useless; in vain

girth - noun

distance around an object; circumference

heresy - noun

an opinion expressed in defiance of generally accepted ideas

inaugurate - verb

begin; induct into

juncture - noun

point in time, especially a crucial one; joint or connection

kindle - verb

to start a fire; ignite; arouse

lionize - verb

to put someone onto a pedestal; to treat with great respect

malleable - adj

able to be reshaped by force; pliable; impressionable

nefarious - adj

extremely evil

obtuse - adj

dull; blunt; unintelligent; lacking sharpness

parsimony - noun

stinginess; excessive frugality

querulous - adj

constantly complaining

relevancy - noun

having a clear relationship to the matter at hand

salubrious - adj

promoting health

trepidation - noun


undulate - verb

to move in a wavy manner

voluble - adj

comfortable with speech; always ready to talk

wanton - adj

excessive; uncontrolled; lustful

wither - verb

dry out; shrivel up; lose life or energy

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