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Ch 14 L 3 Places, Persons, Vocabulary & People


a continent to the north of Africa, connected to Asia in western Russia

Christine de Pisan

medieval woman who earned a living by writing poetry and books protesting the way women were both glorified and insulted by male authors


a man who devotes his life to religion and lives in a monastery


a woman who devotes her life to religion and lives in a convent


a community where monks live, study, and pray


a community of nuns


a person who teaches a person a religion to other people with different beliefs


a king or queen who is the supreme leader

Mrs. Valera

5th and 6th grade science teacher as well as 6th grade literature teacher


a person who lived on and also farmed feudal land


a feudal warrior trained and prepared to fight on horseback


a knight's code of behavior


a woman of nobility


social, political, and economic system used in the Middle Ages

manor system

in the Middle Ages, a way to manage feudal lands

three-field rotation

in the Middle Ages, a system whereby the planing of crops on manor lands alternates between three fields.

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