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Path quiz

The breathing pattern that reflects respirations based primarily on cargon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood is which of the following?
Regulation of body temperature primarily occurs in the
In which region of the neuron do nerve impulses travel the fastest?
large axon
Neuroblastomas most frequently occur in which of the following?
retroperitoneal region
Which of the following is one primary organ responsible for heat production?
adrenal gland
Which of the following diseases should a newborn be screened for?
Which neurotransmitter is released when the parasympathetic motor neurons are stimulated?
What part of the brain controls the reflex activities concerned with heart rate and blood pressure?
medulla oblongata
Infants have problems with thermoregulation because they
cannot conserve heat and do not shiver
In what part of the brain is the primary visual cortes located?
Occipital lobe
Fungal meningitis most often occurs
in persons with impaired immune responses
The most common primary CNS tumors in adults are which of the following?
When brain activity during sleep is similar to the normal awake pattern, which phase of sleep is occuring?
Most causes of encephalitis are
A major contributing process in CVA's is the development of atheromatous plaques in cerebral circulation. These most commonly form in which of the following locations?
in cerebral arteries
Patients with myasthenia gravis often have tumors or pathologic changes in the
The percentage of retinoblastomas inherited as an autosomal dominant trait is
What nutrient should a woman consume in the early stages of pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects?
folic acid
Myasthenia gravis results from
autoimmune injury at the neuromuscular junction
Heat loss from the body via evaporation occurs by which of the following?
transfer of heat through currents of liquids or gas
viral meningitis
often occurs with measeles, mumps, or herpes
The________ ensure(s) collateral blood flow from blood vessels supplying the brain.
circle of willis
Which system modulates a patient's perception of pain?
cognitive-evaluative systm
Which of the following are neurological cells?
astrocyte, oligondendrocyte, ependymal cell
Which of the following would increase a person's risk for thrombotic stroke?
The most common type of traumatic brain injury is a
Most dreams occur during ___________ sleep.
________ are most at risk of spinal injury from minor trauma.
Motor neurons are structurally classified as ________ neurons.
The somatic nervous system controls which of the following?
skeletal muscle
The most common type of cerebral palsy is
As assessment sign of neuroblastoma is
Weight loss, irritability, and fatigue
The most common cause of bacterial meningitis is which of the following?
Neisseria meningitidis
The most common type of brain tumor in children is
When a person has a fever, which of the following thermoregulatory mechanisms is activated?
the body's thermostat is rest to a higher level
Which region of the grain is responsible for motor aspects of speech?
broca area
Hikers are attempting to cross the Arizona desert with a small supply of water. The temperatures cause them to sweat profusely and become dehydrated. The hikers are experiencing which of the following?
Heat exhaustion
Which of the following findings indicates the patient is having complicaitons from heat stroke?
cerebral edema and degeneration of the CNS
A cell that is involved in forming the blood-brain barrier is which of the following?
A patient has paralysis of both legs. What type of paralysis does the patient have?