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Which of the following is an accurate description of sociology

The systematic study of the relationship between the individual and society and of the consequences of difference; The systematic study of how social relationships influence people's behavior; The systematic study of how major social institutions and individuals interact. All of the above

The sociological imagination

is an awareness of the relationship between individuals and the social forces that shape our lives.

A condition in which members of society have differing amounts of wealth, prestige, or power is referred to as

social inequality.

A set of statements that seeks to explain problems, actions, or behavior is called a(n)


Émile Durkheim's explanation of suicide was scientific because he

developed conclusions based on systematic examination of data.

Which of the following is true about August Comte

He sought to reveal the laws of society; He thought humans could learn to understand the forces that helped society to maintain order; He thought humans could learn to understand the forces that caused society to change. All of the above.

In Karl Marx's analysis, social inequality is determined by

ownership, or lack thereof, of key material resources

Max Weber's theory of power included

social status and organizational resources.

W.E.B. Du Bois investigated power and inequality based on


Which sociological perspective would suggest that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a society's stability, then it does not serve a useful function?

functionalist perspective

Which sociological perspective emphasizes the distribution of power and the allocation of resources?

conflict perspective

Interactionist perspective

uses everyday forms of social interaction to explain larger patterns of society; views society as constantly fluid; views individuals as primary agents of change. All of the above.

If you were interested in studying the relationship between date and acquaintance rape victims and the characteristics of the rapist, your first step would be to

define a problem to study.

Sociologists conduct a review of the literature to

refine the problem under study; clarify possible techniques to be used in collecting data; eliminate or reduce avoidable mistakes. All answers are correct

The statement "Women who receive welfare are less likely than other women to have babies" is an example of

a hypothesis.

Social scientists call the causal variable that brings about change a(n)

independent variable.

The race of a criminal offender is associated with the frequency with which capital punishment is administered. In this example, capital punishment would be considered the

dependent variable.

If researchers wanted to examine the opinions of people listed in a city directory, they might call every tenth or fiftieth or hundredth name listed. This would constitute a

random sample.

Which number would be considered the mode of the following: 10-10-9-9-8-8-7-7-7-6-5?


According to value neutrality, investigators have an ethical obligation to accept research findings even when the data run counter to

their own personal views; theoretically based explanations; widely accepted beliefs. All answers are correct

The totality of our shared language, knowledge, material objects, and behavior is known as


Common practices and beliefs shared by all societies are called

cultural universals.

English-speaking people in the United States commonly use words whose origins are from various African, Asian, and non-English-speaking European cultures. This is an example of

cultural diffusion.

What is culture lag?

A period of adjustment when the nonmaterial culture is still struggling to adapt to new material conditions.

English-speaking people in the United States commonly use words whose origins are from various African, Asian, and non-English-speaking European cultures. This is an example of

cultural diffusion.

Which of the following is NOT an example of material culture?

a wedding ceremony

Which of the following is true about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

It argues that language shapes what we see.

Collective conceptions of what is considered good, desirable, and proper (or bad, undesirable, and improper) are known as


The tendency to assume that one's own culture and way of life represent what is normal or are superior to all others is called (1)

ethnocentrism. (1)

A member of a new fundamentalist church believes that she has found the one true way to achieve salvation and that members of other religions are pagans and will go directly to hell when they die. This is an example of (2)

ethnocentrism (2)

Which of the following best describes the process of socialization?

Learning the attitudes, values, and behaviors appropriate for members of a particular culture.

The relative importance of biological inheritance and environmental factors in human development is referred to as the debate over

nature versus nurture.

The analysis of Isabelle and Genie is important because it emphasizes the importance of

the earliest socialization experiences in human development.

Studies of identical twins who were raised apart have

conclusively decided the debate over the influences of nature and nurture

Which of the following is true about the self?

It is a distinct identity that sets us apart from others.

Which of the following is true about the looking-glass self?

It is a theory that we become who we are based on how we think others see us.

George Herbert Mead argued that the self has two core components

the "I" and the "Me."

The sociologist Erving Goffman is associated with which of the following concepts?

impression management; face-work; the dramaturgical approach; All answers are correct

According to Piaget, what is the key to children's development?

social interaction

Which of the following do life course theorists argue?

Socialization continues through all stages of the life cycle.

The article "Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia's Dead-End Kids" by Donna Gaines in the reader is about applying C. Wright Mill's distinction between "personal trouble" and "social issue" on why teenagers commit suicide.

True - Gaines

The article by Mary Romero "An Intersection of Biography and History" is about the working experience of Chinese domestic women.

False - Romero

The research method used in the article "Interpersonal Dynamics in a Simulated Prison" By Craig Haney, W. Curtis Banks and Philip Zimbardo is:


The article "Sidewalk" by Mitchell Duneier is about street venders in New York City, and he found out in his research that:

the venders trust each other and help each other.

In the article "The Culture of Fear: Why Americans Are Afraid of the Wrong Things", Barry Glassner, the author blames _________ for this fear culture in the United States.

the news media; the politicians; B and C are correct

In the article "The Decline of The Date and The Rise of The College Hook Up", the authors claim that ________.

Hook Up is a subculture on campuses; Hook Up is more and more accepted.; both A and B are correct

The main argument in "Instant Karma: The Commercialization of Asian Indian Culture" by Sabeen Sandhu is _________

Asian Indian culture is only a fashion trend.

The main message from "Lovely Hula Hands " Corporate Tourism and the Prostitution of Hawaiian Culture? is that _______

don't come and visit Hawaii.

The article "Making it by Faking It" is about how working-class students in an ivy league university surviving the elite culture by pretending who they are not.

True - Making It

The main argument in article "Anybody's Son Will Do" is that

socialization is the key in terms what kind of person we will be; culture is learned; military boot camp is to re-socialize the young boys into killing machines; All of the above

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