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inability to recognize faces

Apperceptive agnosia

A form of visual agnosia marked by the inability to recognize simple shapes such as circles and triangles.

Associative agnosia

A failure to understand the meaning of objects due to a deficit at the level of semantic memory.

Acquired agnosia

from damage

Developmental agnosia

inherited. 2.5% have it.

McNeil and Warrington 1993

case of W.J who had strokes so got prospagnosia. Could not select famous faces from normal ones. Went into sheep farming but could recognise those individually. Shows FRU was lost. Must be another animal system or they fall under objects.

Humphreys et a; 2007

3 patients who had prospagnosia. Unable to recognise faces but could recognise expressions. Shows they are seperate processes so support the model.

Campbell et al 1986

One women who had prosopagnesia and couldnt tell what sex they were. Could tell what phonemes were being mouthed in photos. Suggests facial speech analysis was good but not structural encoding or direct visual processing. Supports the model as shows they are seperate.

fusiform face area

a specialized area that allows quick recognition and memory of faces

Barton et al

5 patients with brain injurieswho looked at faces with changed features. 4 couldnt tell what was different but 1 could. When told what to look for 2 out the 4 improves. Concluded that the FFA was damaged and plays a big role in understanding faces.

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