28 terms

A & P Exam 2 CH 4

Muscle tissue having long striated cells with multiple nuclei
skeletal muscle
Type of cell junction in which the lipid portions of the two plasma membranes are tightly bound together by interlocking membrane proteins
occluding junction
A specialized intercellular junction between cardiac muscle cells
intercalated disk
Mobile connective tissue stem cells
mesenchymal cells
Type of membrane that lines mobile joint cavities
synovial membrane
Muscle tissue having short striated cells, usually with single nucleus
cardiac muscle
Gland in which the duct divides one or more times on its way to the gland cells
compound gland
A term meaning no blood vessels
Type of membrane that lines the subdivisions of the ventral body cavity
serous membrane
Connective tissue cells that produce antibodies
plasma cells
Gland whose glandular cells form sac-like pockets
alveolar gland
Connective tissue cells that synthesize extracellular fibers
Connective tissue cells that stimulate local inflammation
mast cell
Mobile, phagocytic blood cells that enter tissues during infection or injury
neutrophils and eosinophils
Muscle tissue having short, spindle-shaped, nonstriated cells
smooth muscle
Type of cell junction in which cells are connected using channel proteins called connexons
gap junction
The complex structure attached to the basal surface of an epithelium
basal lamina
Type of membrane that lines passages and chambers that communicate with the exterior
mucous membrane
A cartilage cell
Supporting cells in nervous tissue
Forms surface of skin
stratified squamous epithelium
Single layer of flattened cells
simple squamous epithelium
Lines urinary bladder, allows stretch
transitional epithelium
Found in tendons and ligaments
dense regular connective tissue
Stores lipid reserves in large intracellular vesicles
adipose tissue
Covers bone surfaces at mobile joints
hyaline cartilage
Lines nasal cavity, trachea, and larger airways of lungs
pseudostratified columnar epithelium
Found in pubic symphysis and intervertebral discs
fibrous cartilage