Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster
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Me Ship, The Olive 3 spinach itemsSpinach Spinet Spinach Boiler Ultra Super Spinach SoakersToon Amphitheatre number of seats2,000 seatsMythos designer (famous for) carvingsJordan Mozer (Cheesecake Factory) Zeus, Atlas, NarcissusRichter Burgers scaleRichter scale measures the magnitude of an earthquakeSpongebob StorePantsNickelodeon cartoon debuted in 1999Hollywood Walk of Fame # of stars on original/in USF Categories Stars specific to USF 2 stars with groups2,500/66 Film, Television, Radio, Stage, Recording Arts Woody Woodpecker, Walter Lantz, Tom Williams, Robert L Ward, Bob Gault Apollo 11 astronauts and Wizard of Oz MunchkinsCurious George Goes to Town main area back area creators of seriesFire Department, City Waterworks with 5 water cannons Ball Factory Hans and Margret ReyFievel's Playland movie referenced pathway materialAn American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991) foam-rubber paddedFear Factor Live duration original host # of squid for Squid Tossing Fear Factor Smoothie ingredients25 minutes Joe Rogan 7 squid per day cottage cheese, sauerkraut, and insect potpourriA Day in the Park with Barney duration cast interactive area original creator25 min Mr and Mrs Peek-A-Boo, Baby Bop, BJ, Barney Barney's Backyard Sheryl LeachThe Simpsons Ride duration height req quote theater specs6 min 40 in theme park within a theme park 2 doomed 80ft screensE.T. Adventure duration height req names ET's friends Vista City - build specs ride designer 1st to...5 min 34 in interplanetary passports Botanicus, Tickly Moot Moot, Oribidon, Magdoll 6 months to build, 3 to install, built in Atlanta GA Stephen Spielberg 1st ride to have Spielberg and John Williams partner to create a theme park attraction and musical score to "ride the movies"Men in Black Alien Attack duration height req name of alien planet The Alien specs # of alien spiecies quote for ride description5 min 42 in LV-428 largest audioanimatronic ever built, 30ft tall, 20 ft claws, 8 ft wide teeth 120 spiecies the world's first life-size ride through video gameThe Blues Brothers Show duration location20 min next to Doc'sRevenge of the Mummy duration height req highest drop explain the fire effect speed3 min 48in 25ft 50 degree angle Brain Fire 40-45 mphPoseidon's Fury: Escape from the Lost City Prof; group guideProfessor Baxter; Global Discovery Group Taylor - Baxtor and taem disappeared and figured out whats causing these strange thingsCan speak and interact with guestsMystic FountainThe Eighth Voyage of Sinbad # of special effects lift/elevator system burn stunt - length of fall; depth of pool swords items made of aluminum # of cast/crew required length of trainingover 50 double hydrolic/full movement in 2 seconds 22ft fall/18ft pool titanium swords purchased in paris Axes and staffs 10 techs, 1 costume specialist, 8 roles 2.5 weeksSinbad castKabob Sinbad Miseria Amoura Demons stunt doublesCamp Jurassic Square Feet specific areas60,000 ft The Amber Mines T-Rex Slide Thunder Trail Dilophosaur PaddockJurassic Park Discovery Center 5 areasDiscovering Dinosaurs DNA Sequencing The Nursery You Bet Jurassic BeasaursJurassic Park River Adventure duration height req # of people per boat height of T-Rex; height of Ultrasaur final drop specs amount of water7 minutes 42in 25 people 36ft; 90 ft 85ft drop at a 55 degree angle 1.5 million gallons of water a yearPteranodon Flyers height req duration height of initial lift36-56in 80 sec 60ftCaro-Seuss-Al diameter list of characters47ft AquaMop Tops - One Fish Birthday Katroo - Happy Birthday to You Cowfish - McElligot's Pool Dog-a-lopes - If I Ran the Zoo Elephant-Birds - Horton Hatches the Egg Mulligatawnies - If I Ran the Zoo Twin Camels - One FishOne Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish squirt posts ride vehicles3 - 18ft posts 9- 2 person (One Fish) 3 - 3 person (Two Fish)Oh! The Stories You'll Hear characters in the showStoryteller Cat in the Hat, Things 1&2 The Grinch Sam-I-Am The LoraxIf I Ran the Zoo character; quote areasGerald McGrew "Id make a few changes, that's just what I'd do" hedge maze, water area, New ZooHigh In the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride height req books height of ride40 in And to Think I saw it on Mullberry St The Sneeches and Other Stories Oh the Places Youll Go Dr Seuss' ABCs Mr Brown Can Moo Can You? 15-20ft highThe Cat in the Hat height req building size vehicle capacity # of ride effects; # of cinebotic characters voice of cat36in 1.5 acres 6 people, 360 degree rotation 130 effects; 30 characters David Hyde PierceStorm Force Accelletron duration ride style characters80 sec teacups Professor X and StormPopeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges height req top speed people per boat42in 16ft per second 12 per boatDudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls height req duration drop specs