3 We Believe - Unit 1 Review

23 terms by mom2ajnsz

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Blessed Trinity

the three Persons in one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit


the truth that God the Son became man


someone called by God to speak to the people


to turn away from sin and to ask God for help to live a good life

public ministry

Jesus' work among the people


those who follow Jesus


one who is sent


collection of books about God's love for us and our call to live as God's people

Kingdom of God

the power of God's love active in the world


a gift from God that helps us to believe and trust in him


nailed to a cross


Jesus' being raised from the dead

second coming

Jesus' coming at the end of time


life with God forever

last judgment

Jesus Christ coming at the end of time to judge all people


the day the Holy Spirit came upon the apostles


community of people who are baptized and follow Jesus Christ


baptized people, followers of Jesus Christ


special job


Jesus' returning to the Father in heaven

Acts of the Apostles

book in the Bible that tells the story of the work of the apostles in the early Church


good news that we are saved by Jesus Christ, the Son of God


people who die for their faith

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