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psychology test 2

A biological psychologist would be most interested in conducting research on the relationship between these two things
neurotransmitters and depression
number of dendrites are branching extentions of
the extension of a neuron that carries messages away from the cell body
the longest part of a motor neuron is likely to be the...
a brief electrical charge that travels down the axon of a neuron is called the...
action potential
the chemical messenger release into the spatial junction between neurons are called...
refers to the reabsorbtion of exess neurotransmitter molecules by sending neurons
curare is a paralyzing poison that function as an..
ach antagonists
the two major divisions of neuron systems are the central and the ____ nervous system
on of the three major concerns of developmental psychology centers around the issue of
coninuity or stages
when Tommy's mother hides his toy under a blanket he acts as though it no longer exists and makes no attempt to retrieve it, Tommy is clearly near the beggining of piaget _____ stage
if children can not grasp the principle of conversation they are unable to...
recognize that the quantity of a substance remains the same despite changes in shape
during an adolescence maturation of the _____ lags behind maturation of the _____
frontal lobe: limbic system
adolescents are most likely to be influenced by their parents with respect to ___ and they are most likely to be influenced by their peers with respect to
career and aspirations: clothing preference
most 20 yr olds out perform most 70 years old on videogames due to age related differences in....
information: processing speed
compared with their counterparts 40 yrs ago American men to day are marrying
at an older age and American woman are marrying at an older age
theories of human development have been most susceptible to criticism for over emphasizing
dicrete age linked stages
the parasympathetic neurons system
stimulates digestion and slows heartbeat
interrelated clusters of neurons in the central nervous system
refers to neural network
the master gland of the endocrine system is this...
pituitary gland
according to text learning involves...
a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience
the first experimental studies of associative learning were conducted by...
pets who learn that the sound of a electric can opener signals the arrival of food illustrate
classical conditioning
John B. Watson consider himself to be a...
an event that increases the frequency that it follows is a...
Della asks for a treat at the store her mom grants it at first but slowly becomes less consistent, Della will...
continue to ask every time she goes to the store
Purchasing state lottery ticket
Variable ratio
watching the night sky
Variable interval
the introduction of pleasant stimulus is to ____ as the withdrawl of a pleasant stimulus is to ____
reinforcer: punishment
negative reinforcer____ the rate of operant learning and punishments___ the rate of operant responding
Increase: decrease
B.F. Skinner believed that teaching machines could promote effective learning because they allow for both
shaping and immediate renforcement
which of these least likely...
Respondent behavior
when grocery shopping 4 year old hakim____ temper tantrum
continue shopping while ignoring his tantrums
who higlighted the importance of observational learning
Skinner is to shaping as bandura is to...
after spanked multiple times for spilling milk in a restaurant, Collin fears going into a restaurant
Unconditioned stimulus
according to BF Skinner human behavior is controlled primarily by
External experiences
both classical and operant conditioning are forms of
associative learning
correlation studies
piaget is to cognitive development as kholberg is to ____ development
Skinner's experiments, Extending Skinner's understanding, His legacy
operant conditioning
Bandura's experiments
applications of observational learning
Learning by Observation
how neurons communicate
how neurotransmitters influence Us
neural communication
the body's info system is built from billions of interconnected cells
branching extensions at the cell body. Recieve messages from other neurons
long single extension of a neuron , covered with myelin sheath to insulate and speed up messages through neurons
branched endings of an axon that transmit messages to other neurons
terminal branches of axon
a brief electrical charge that travels down an axon and is generated by movement of positively charged atoms
action potential
each neuron recieves signals from many neurons. When the excitatory signals minus the inhibitory signals exceed a minumum intesity the neuron fires and action potential