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HIT Chapter 4 Quiz

hit chapter 4 quiz
supports clinical decision making
Why is an ideal EHR system one that requires point of care charting:
a. Eases duplicate data entry burden
b. Eliminates intermediary paper forms
c. Reduces memory loss
d. Supports clinical decision making
electronic document management system
Which of the following is a transition strategy to achieve an EHR:
a. Ancillary system support
b. Clinical data repository
c. Electronic document management system
d. Results retrieval
pharmacy information system
To ensure that a Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) system supports patients safety, what other system must also be in place:
a. Digital dictation
b. Electronic medication administration forms
c. Pharmacy information system
d. Point of care charting
When was the concept of an EHR first conceived:
a. 1960's
b. 1980's
c. 1991
d. 2003
CDR supports management of data for an EHR
Which statement is TRUE concerning CDR and EHR:
a. CDR supports management of data for an EHR
b. CDR and EHR is the same
c. CDR is an early stage of an EHR
d. CDR captures documents, EHR cpatures data
hybrid record
The situation used to describe a combination of paper and electronic health record content is:
a. Clinical data warehouse
b. Electronic medical record
c. Hybrid record
d. Personal health record
health information exchange
The federal government envisions a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) to provide:
a. Clinical decision support
b. Health Information Exchange
c. Management of a central data bank
d. Population health data
Electronic prescribing is a special case of:
b. EHR
c. PDA
Which of the following is NOT a database:
a. CDR
b. CDW
c. PDA
continuity of care record
Which of the following describes the content of information that should be exchanged among referring providers:
a. Continuity of care record
b. Electronic health record
c. Personal helath record
d. National health information network
establishes meaning for terms used in the EHR
A vocabulary is described as being "controlled" when it:
a. Achieves consensus on meaning of terms
b. Limits terms able to be used in the HER
c. Establishes meaning for terms used in the EHR
d. Uses a database management system
lab results and other observations
LOINC is a terminology that is used for coding:
a. Lab results and other observations
b. Language of medicine
c. Lay terms for describing conditions
d. Logical relationships in clinical decision support
all of the above
Which of the following may be managed in an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS):
a. Document images
b. Email
e. All of the above
screen layout
A critical element of data retrieval planning is designing:
a. Clinical data repository
b. Controlled vocabulary
c. Screen layout
d. Source systems
all of the above
Discrete data may be entered into en EHR via:
a. Macro
b. Point-and-click
c. Voice command
d. All of the above
converts narrative information to discrete data
Natural language processing:
a. Captures sounds and converts them to digital form
b. Converts narrative information to discrete data
c. Standardized data content for database management
d. Supports evidence-based clinical decision support
A local area network using Internet-based protocols is:
a. Ethernet
b. Extranet
c. Internet
d. Intranet
none of the above
RAID technology:
a. Provides for server redundancy
b. Rapidly processes discrete data in a database
c. Reduces narrative notes to encoded form
d. none of the above
before contracting for an EHR product
As part of an EHR system selection, due diligence should be done:
a. After installing an EHR to test for acceptance
b. Before contracting for an EHR product
c. During system build to check interface quality
d. Prior to any user authorization for access to data
migration path
Our team has written a plan that describes what systems will be implemented in what order in our transition to the EHR. We completed our:
a. System build
b. System plan
c. Migration path
d. Technical infrastructure
data tables are loaded and screen layouts customized
"System build" is the process where:
a. Data tables are loaded and screen layouts customized
b. EHR is developed by the organization instead of acquired from a vendor
c. Hardware is procured and installed
d. None of the above
unit testing
Our team is testing our new EHR. Currently we are testing whether or not all of the components will work together. This type of testing is called:
a. System testing
b. Conversion testing
c. Unit testing
d. Integration testing
deciding what paper-based content is should be automated
Chart conversion includes:
a. Changing narrative data into discrete data
b. Exchanging charts with other providers
c. Deciding what paper-based content should be automated
d. Translating data from an old system for a new system
data backup
Which of the following is NOT an element of data quality:
a. Accessibility
b. Data back up
c. Precision
d. Relevancy
The primary user of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) is:
a. Nurse
b. Patient
c. Pharmacist
d. Physician