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misc. trees not on the main PA envirothon reference sheet. I don't know how important these are.

Black Chokeberry/ Black Choke Cherry

Aronia melanocarpa

Alternate-Leaf Dogwood

Cornus alternifolia

Red Osier Dogwood

Cornus serica

Beaked Hazel

Corylus cornuta


Juniperus communis

Sweet Gale

Myrica gale

Staghorn Sumac

Rhus typhina

Red Currant

Ribes rubrum

Black Currant

Ribes americanum


Ribes glandulosum


Sambucus canadensis

Red Elderberry/ Red-berried Elder

Sambucus pubens

American Mountain Ash

Sorbus americana


Spiraea alba


Spiraea tomentosa

Canada Yew

Taxus canadensis




Viburnum lantanoides

Highbush Cranberry

Viburnum trilobum

Speckled Alder

Alnus incana

Grey Birch

Betula papulifolia



Balsam Poplar

Populus balsamifera

Balsam Fir

Abies balsamea


Larix larcina

White Spruce

Picea glauca

Black Spruce

Picea mariana

Red Spruce

Picea rubens

Jack Pine

Pinus banksiana

Eastern White Cedar

Thuja occidentalis

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