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  1. family property/religious ceremonies
  2. guardian of fire and hearth
  3. pay taxes, acknowledge roman leadership, supply soldiers
  4. demands/strikes
  5. influenced romans --> greek gods and myths
  1. a conquered people required to:
  2. b Vesta
  3. c what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?
  4. d fathers controlled ______ and conducted _______
  5. e plebeians eventually gained rights through a series of _______ and ______

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  1. womens political rights included
  2. _________ was most important unit of Roman society
  3. what part of Italy did the romans control?
  4. conquered territories did not have to pay tribute to Rome but had to supply land for roman farmer's resettlement program. this helped the romans...
  5. praetors where elected to....?

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  1. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tablesChildren were trained to be


  2. disadvantage/ it did not keep invaters outthe long coastline was a ____________ because it made Italy _________. [fill in blanks]


  3. males from a family who could afford itassembly citizens could....


  4. the household/food +household goodsthe mother managed ______ and bought_______


  5. "thing of the people"Penates