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  1. people of more distant areas, allowed to remain independent, had to supply soldiers fro the Roman army
  2. he would be sentenced to death
  3. 2/patrician
  4. maintain military control, spread latin language, law, and Roman culture
  5. written down
  1. a how many consuls where there? and from what class where they from?
  2. b at first Romans had laws but they weren't....
  3. c Allies description
  4. d conquered territories did not have to pay tribute to Rome but had to supply land for roman farmer's resettlement program. this helped the romans...
  5. e what would happen to a man if he raped a vestal virgin?

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  1. fathers controlled ______ and conducted _______
  2. what were the common people attempting to gain?
  3. who taught the secondary schooling?
  4. by law, fathers made _________ in the family
  5. SPQR means [in english]

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  1. disadvantage/susceptible to sea invasionthe alps were a ________ because it ________. [fill in blanks]


  2. guardian of fire and hearthwhere did the Greeks settle in Italy?


  3. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tablesa republic is a form of gov where....?


  4. animismthe belief that spirits inhabited everything is...


  5. 1 yearhow long where the terms for consuls?