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  1. people of more distant cities (including greek city-states)
  2. took care of the temple of vesta
  3. pay taxes, acknowledge roman leadership, supply soldiers
  4. center of a natural trade route [located on the shallowest part of the Tiber River]
  5. 1 year
  1. a how long where the terms for consuls?
  2. b economic advantages?
  3. c conquered people required to:
  4. d vestal virgins
  5. e partial citizenship

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  1. romans allowed the conquered to:
  2. after the forum the plebeians started to become ______ and ______
  3. where did the Latins settle?
  4. the alps were a ________ because it ________. [fill in blanks]
  5. full citizenship

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  1. guardians of the storeroomPenates


  2. family_________ was most important unit of Roman society


  3. guardian of fire and hearthPenates


  4. 10 officials, or tribuneswho did the assemblies elect?


  5. serve in the militaryevery male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________


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