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  1. trade/travel
  2. influenced romans --> greek gods and myths
  3. no individual would gain too much power
  4. senatus populousque quirtium romanus
  5. more rights
  1. a they made a republic believing that....?
  2. b the apennin mountains made ______ and _____ easy. [fill in blanks]
  3. c what were the common people attempting to gain?
  4. d what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?
  5. e SPQR stands for

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  1. who taught the secondary schooling?
  2. vestal virgins
  3. Rome is named after...?
  4. patricians description
  5. the demands and the strikes of the Plebeians lead to the

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  1. disadvantage/susceptible to sea invasionLares


  2. family property/religious ceremoniesfathers controlled ______ and conducted _______


  3. in Latiumwhere did the Latins settle?


  4. all important decisionsplebeians suffered _________


  5. disadvantage/ it did not keep invaters outwhat did the father teach