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  1. true
  2. major unit of the army
  3. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tables
  4. influenced romans --> greek gods and myths
  5. more rights
  1. a what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?
  2. b Children were trained to be
  3. c Legions were
  4. d what were the common people attempting to gain?
  5. e elementary school was free. [True/false]

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  1. at first Romans had laws but they weren't....
  2. where boys and girls of all classes given the same basic education?
  3. to ensure the loyalty to rome they gave citizenship to their conquered people [true/false]
  4. who taught the secondary schooling?
  5. how many citizen soldiers were their?

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  1. 15 miles inland to protect from sea invasions, the 7 hills of rome(built on the 7 low-lying hills)where did the indo-european speaking people migrate from?


  2. taught girls to manage households, reading, writing, arithmeticwhat did the mother teach


  3. 1 yearhow long where the terms for consuls?


  4. maintain military control, spread latin language, law, and Roman cultureconquered territories did not have to pay tribute to Rome but had to supply land for roman farmer's resettlement program. this helped the romans...


  5. "thing of the people"Penates