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  1. guardian of fire and hearth
  2. wealthy/powerful
  3. discrimination
  4. maintain military control, spread latin language, law, and Roman culture
  5. help consuls, command the armies, over see legal system, create lists of jurors and judges
  1. a plebeians suffered _________
  2. b Vesta
  3. c after the forum the plebeians started to become ______ and ______
  4. d conquered territories did not have to pay tribute to Rome but had to supply land for roman farmer's resettlement program. this helped the romans...
  5. e praetors where elected to....?

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  1. veto means?
  2. what did the mother teach
  3. a republic is a form of gov where....?
  4. the auxilia is made up of...
  5. what were the common people attempting to gain?

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  1. consuls, praetors, censorswho taught the secondary schooling?


  2. trueelementary school was free. [True/false]


  3. farmers, merchants, artisans, traders, had few rights, could not hold public officehow did the Romans extend their power?


  4. family property/religious ceremoniesfathers controlled ______ and conducted _______


  5. powerful landowners, upper class, controlled government, inherited their powerpatricians description