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  1. right to join the army, hold public office, form own assembly, elect tribunes, banned debt slavery
  2. false. they were not paid
  3. maintain military control, spread latin language, law, and Roman culture
  4. republic
  5. white
  1. a Rights that the Plebians gained
  2. b legions were paid [true/false]
  3. c what did the vestal virgins wear?
  4. d conquered territories did not have to pay tribute to Rome but had to supply land for roman farmer's resettlement program. this helped the romans...
  5. e Rome established a ______ [type of gov]

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  1. the demands and the strikes of the Plebeians lead to the
  2. what are the 3 citizen groups?
  3. every male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________
  4. Etruscan culture included manufactured.....?
  5. what would happen to a man if he raped a vestal virgin?

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  1. ancestral spiritsLares


  2. all of italy that was south of the rubicon riverwhat part of Italy did the romans control?


  3. males from a family who could afford itsecondary schooling was for [usually]


  4. senate and the people of romevestal virgins


  5. 4,500-6,000how many citizen soldiers were their?