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  1. every 5 years
  2. the nobility
  3. loyal citizens, obedient to their elders, learn the laws of the twelve tables
  4. consuls, praetors, censors
  5. serve in the military
  1. a 3 types of elected officials who govern in the name of rome?
  2. b judges sided with....
  3. c Children were trained to be
  4. d every male citizen who owned land was required by law to ________
  5. e how often did they register citizens?

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  1. the mother managed ______ and bought_______
  2. what did the father teach
  3. after the forum the plebeians started to become ______ and ______
  4. Roman Republic included...
  5. what did the Greek's culture do to Italy?

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  1. truewhat did the vestal virgins wear?


  2. do any thing a full citizen could EXCEPT votepartial citizens could


  3. demands/strikesthe belief that spirits inhabited everything is...


  4. used a well-organized army and wise political policiesfull citizenship


  5. discriminationwhere did the Latins settle?