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  1. all important decisions
  2. people of more distant areas, allowed to remain independent, had to supply soldiers fro the Roman army
  3. southern Italy and Sicily
  4. took care of the temple of vesta
  5. demands/strikes
  1. a Allies description
  2. b vestal virgins
  3. c by law, fathers made _________ in the family
  4. d plebeians eventually gained rights through a series of _______ and ______
  5. e where did the Greeks settle in Italy?

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  1. Rome is named after...?
  2. SPQR stands for
  3. the mother managed ______ and bought_______
  4. government officials were not ________, so only ________ was really able to hold office.
  5. Legions were

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  1. familywhat did the vestal virgins wear?


  2. disadvantage/susceptible to sea invasion3 types of elected officials who govern in the name of rome?


  3. Laws of the twelve tables (forum)the demands and the strikes of the Plebeians lead to the


  4. false. they were not paidlegions were paid [true/false]


  5. "thing of the people"SPQR means [in english]


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