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  1. i forbid
  2. males from a family who could afford it
  3. in Latium
  4. registered citizens according to wealth in order to collect taxes
  5. holding property, receiving inhertiance, run a business
  1. a womens political rights included
  2. b veto means?
  3. c where did the Latins settle?
  4. d what did the censors do?
  5. e secondary schooling was for [usually]

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  1. Roman Republic included...
  2. how did the Romans extend their power?
  3. what did the mother teach
  4. full citizenship
  5. judges sided with....

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  1. trade/travellegions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]


  2. people of more distant areas, allowed to remain independent, had to supply soldiers fro the Roman armyAllies description


  3. powerful landowners, upper class, controlled government, inherited their powerRomans adopted the etruscan ideas of....?


  4. family_________ was most important unit of Roman society


  5. truelegions had to supply their own weapons [true/false]