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how many common types of wounds?



are a superficial scraping of the epidermis


the skin is torn off and bleeding is profuse


wounds that result from a sharp object


it tears the body tissue and can be difficult to clean usually uneven and you need to wash wound to reduce risk of infection


they pierce and penetrate the skin and may be deep wounds while appearing insignificant caused by sharp pointed objects

spiral bandages

are useful for injuries to the arm or leg

caring for burns

cover with sterile dressings if burn is minor, otherwise cover with smooth cloth or sheet ect DO NOT APPLY COLD WATER OR ICE!do not remove clothing that may be stuck on burn

what ?s should you ask the burned pt?

does the burned area involve hands,feet,genitals,or face?

Partial Thickness burn

Second degree burn is also known as?

Vaso vagal syncope

Results of fainting and blood pressure drops quickly is?


During shock what does blood pressure do?


Acute systematic infection or blood poisoning?

Heat exhaustion

Hot or cold perfuse sweating clammy skin and weakness?

Neurogenic shock

Nerve impulse to blood vessel become impaired due to injury is?

Anaphylactic shock

Type of shock caused by bee sting

Injective poisoning

Insect sting is what type of poisoning?

92 degrees

Body tempture considered hyperthermic?


MICE used for?

Poisoning. It constricts blood vessels, inverses blood pressure

Epinephrine used for?


Superficial scrapping is a?


Sharp straight cut

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