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Wordly Wise 3000 Book 9 Lesson 14 with sentences


v. to gather or collect for one's use of profit; to accumulate
Karen's aptitude for business enabled her to *** a small fortune before she was thirty.
The miser's aim is to *** and hoard as much gold as possible.


v. to pronounce distinctly
Children usually can *** words before they are two years old.
to express one's thoughts, feelings or beliefs in words.
In this essay, I have tried to *** my view of the novel Jane Eyre.
adj. able to speak in clear and effective language
Winston Churchill's slight speech impediment did not prevent him from being a very *** public speaker.
Her *** presentation of the advertising campaign impressed her employers.


v. to kill or destroy a large portion of a group
Cholera swept through the town,***ing the population.
We do more to *** our population in automobile accidents than we do in war.


adj. skillful in the use of hands or minds
Her *** handling of the horse won her a blue ribbon.
The magician was so *** that we could not follow him as he performed his tricks.


n. a styly of clothing; costume.
Queen Victoria's black *** and solemn demeanor were constant reminders of her widow's state.
V. to clothe or dress
The old photos showed nomadic people of Turkistan ***ed in intricately patterned robes.


adj. enjoying the company of others; sociable
A *** nature is a boon for anyone seeking a political career.
Typically, partygoers are *** hermit are not.


adj. existing as a natural part of something
Believing her shyness is ***, Roseanne does nothing to try to overcome it.
Katara's *** love of justice caused her champion anyone she considered treated unfairly by society.


adj. motherly
Ranji's *** feelings were aroused when she saw a child standing alone weeping at the bus stop.
related to or inherited through one's mother
My *** grandparents had two children, my mother and my uncle Bill.
Many animals display *** instincts only while their offspring are young and helpless.


v. to care for and give sustenance to.
Parents *** their children physically, mentally, and psychologically.
n. the process of raising one's young
Both male and female emperor penguins provide *** for their young chicks.
The Head Start program attempts to *** pre-kindergarten children so that they will do well when they enter public school.


adj. tending to push oneself forward in an unwelcome manner.
The reporters at the house were so *** that Belle slammed the door in their face.
Noticeable in an undesirable way.
Dressed in jeans, we felt *** as we entered the small, elegant restaurant.


v. to imitate the style of someone or something in order to make fun of it.
The film Bad Guys in Black Hats ***ies western movies of the 1930s.
n. an imitation that exaggerates for comic effect.
His *** of Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" that began, "I believe it was about eighty years ago . . ." showed poor taste.


adj. aggressive;eager to fight or quarrel
The *** basketball player challenged the referee with insulting words.


n. the characteristic of being aggressive or eager to fight;
He showed his *** by clenching his fists.


adj. deserving blame or rebuke
Denying sustenance to those in need is ***.
Shocked by the viciousness of the bombing, politicians of every party uniformly condemned the terrorists' *** deed.


adj. easily managed or controlled
The stable manager gave Jennifer a *** horse when she first began riding.
Although Susan seemed a *** young woman, she had a stubborn streak of independence that occasionally led her to defy the powers-that-be when she felt they were in the wrong.


adj. comical because of strangeness; clownish
The *** illustrations make the book very popular.
I watch the Marx brothers' *** antics for hours.

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