PDX: Peripheral Vascular

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True or False : Arterial problems cause more pain than veinous problems
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A condition of leg pain caused by ischemia of the muscles, usually calf, brought on by walking.Intermittent ClaudicationButtock muscles and male genitalia are underserved, otherwise known as "butt claudication"Leriche SyndromePain at rest suggests what?Significant arterial insufficiencyCauses large and small efferent vessel diseaseDiabetes MellitusVasopastic disorder causing discoloration of the extremeties from pallor to cyanotic to rubor. Nails may also be brittle with longitudinal ridgesRaynauds diseasePatient presents with slow and uneven growth of nails, with easily damaged skin that has poor healing. Diagnosis?Trophic changes of the skin/appendagesVein pain usually in the calf that causes redness and swelling.ThrombophlebitisCauses chronic stagnation and pooling of blood, swelling, and ankle pigmentationChronic Venous InsufficiencyPitting edema that is worse at days end after standing, and bilateral, suggests what?Congestive Heart FailureMost common ankle sprain is what type of movement and damages what ligament most?Inversion injury that damages the anterior talofibular ligamentWhat are the other names for these lymph nodes? 1) Anterior 2) Posterior 3) Medial 4) Lateral1) Pectoral 2) Subscapular 3) Apical 4) HumeralWhat does NAVAL stand for?Nerve, artery, vein, lymphatic (lateral leg to medial leg)Metastatic cancer is most commonly located in which two lymph nodes?Anterior and pectoralCharacteristics of metastatic cancer include?Hard, non-tender, irregular margins, fixedWhat is the most common lymphedema seen in practice?Lymphedema after radical mastectomyCharacterized by inflammation of the lymph vessels, often bacterial after a penetrating wound and produces a red streak.CellulitisCharacterized by relatively hard edema of subcutaneous tissue, that has an increased content of proteoglycans. Patient also may have loss of hair, delayed relaxation of reflexes, and compression neuropathies.MyxedemaAssociated with hyperpigmentation, superficial ulcers around the ankle. Usually seen in Congestive heart failure.Chronic EdemaTwo Major areas of concern for embolism problems.Pulmonary embolism, cerebral embolismPatient experiences moderate pain at rest, and fails a 10 guage nylon monofilament test. Diagnosis?Diabetic end arterial infarction.