Medical Terminology Ch 10

43 terms by akgowd

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failure of kidneys to produce urine


surgical removal of the gall bladder


pertaining to the gall bladder


hernia of urinary bladder that protrudes to the vagina


excessive production of urine


painful or difficult urination


a technique of lithotripsy using shock waves generated externally


inflammation of the renal glomeruli


removing waste products from the blood

intravenous urography

radiological procedure used to visualize urinary system

laparoscopic nephrectomy

removal of kidney through several small incisions in the abdominal wall


treatment using ultrasound shock waves to destroy kidney stones or other calculi


instrument for crushing a urinary calculus


kidney stone


presence of kidney stones in the kidney


surgical removal of kidney stones


surgical fixing of a mobile kidney


prolapse of the kidney


kidney disease characterized by edema and loss of protein from the plasma


artificial opening created between kidney and skin that allows for drainage of urine


incision into the kidney


toxic to the kidney

percutaneous nephrostomy

tube is inserted on a temporary basis into renal pelvis when a complete obstruction of ureter is present

percutaneous bladder biopsy

removal of tissue from bladder using a needle inserted through the skin overlaying the bladder

percutaneous renal biopsy

removal of tissue from the kidney using needle puncture of the skin & tissue overlying the kidney;

peritoneal dialysis

procedure for treatment of kidney failure; soft tube is used to fill abdominal cavity with dialysate

polycystic kidney disease

kidney disease characterized by enlarged kidney containing many cysts


small growth protruding from a mucous membrane


inflammation of the renal pelvis


surgical removal of a stone in the renal pelvis through incision

renal angiography

visualization of renal blood vessels through injection of dye

renal arteriography

visualization of renal blood vessels through injection of dye2

retrograde urography

x-ray examination of urinary system after injection of contrast directly into bladder or renal pelvis or ureter


abnormal narrowing of passage of the body

suprapubic catheter

catheter surgically inserted into bladder by surgical incision above the pubis

transurethral resection

surgical procedure used to remove tissue form the prostrate through the urethra


elevated urea in the blood

ureteral catheterization

urinary cath


surgical repair of walls of ureters


procedure for examining interior of urethra

urinary incontinence

inability to control flow of urine and involuntary urination

urinary retention

holding urine in the urinary bladder

voiding cystourethrogram

watching a persons urethra and urinary bladder while person urinates

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