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Russian Lesson 16

● Imperfective verbs express:

a) a continuing, uncompleted action, a process: Вчера я писал письмо.

b) a habitual or recurrent action: Я часто писал письма.

c) merely name the action without any reference to the way it proceeds: Я хочу писать письмо.
Imperfective future (action in progress)
Завтра я буду писать весь день.
I'll write (be writing) all the day tomorrow.
Imperfective future (repeated action)
Он будет нам часто писать.
He will write to us often.
Imperfective future (action in general)
Я буду вам писать только по-русски.
I will write to you only in Russian.
N.B.: Perfective verbs are often preceded by the adverbs сразу (at once), вдруг (suddenly)
Imperfective verbs are often preceded by the adverbs всегда, обычно, долго, иногда, часто, редко, phrases of the type каждый год, весь год or the verbs начинать, кончать, продолжать.
Imperfective present
писать to write, to be writing
Imperfective past
я писал I wrote (was writing)
написать to write (from beginning to end)
Perfective Past
я написал I wrote (from beginning to end)