20 terms

harcourt social studies grade 3 chapter 6

What is true about Native Americans ?
They were the very first people to live in North America .
Which term describes a history learned through spoken stories ?
oral history
What can people build to protect themselves from weathe?r
What do we know about St. Augustine , Florida?
It is the oldest lasting settlement in what is now the United States
Which two groups were in conflict at the Jamestown settlement?
English and Native Americans
What is true about the relationship between the 13 colonies and Britain throughout most of the 1700's?
the 13 colonies were rules by Britain .
What is a tax?
money paid to the government when buying goods and services
What is the Constitution of the United States ?
a set of laws that tells how our government works
What role does the Constitution of the United States play in our government ?
it is a set of laws that guides our government.
How did President Thomas Jefferson double the size of the country ?
he bought lands in the Louisiana Purchase
Which of the following explains why some pioneers headed west in the 1800s?
the west offered land and jobs
Why did Abraham Lincoln sign the Emancipation Proclamation ?
he wanted to free enslaved people
_______ came to the Americas from Europe to learn more about the land .
An _______ comes to live in a country from somewhere else in the world.
A ________ is land that belongs to the government .
When 2 parts of one country fight , it is known as a ________ ?
civil war
The _______ of St. Louis was named after King Louis XV?
What was the Revolutionary War mainly about ?
It was about fighting for freedom from the British
How did Sacagawea help Lewis and Clark ?
She guided them through the Louisana Purchase
What was life like for pioneers in the west ?
sickness, shelter, food, water, clothing