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energy-yielding nutrients include all of the following except (vitamins, carbohydrates, fat, protein)


organic nutrients include all of the following except (minerals, fat, carbohydrates, protein)


one of the characteristics of a nutritious diet is that the diet provides no constituent in excess. this principle of diet planning is called


A slice of peach pie supplies 357 calories with 48 units of vitamin A one larg peach provides 42 calories and 53 units of vitamiin A this is an example of

nutrient density

Which of the following adjustments in one's diet would agree with the dietary guidlines for americans?

all of the above (doing good things)

studies of populations in which observation is accompanied by experimental manipulation of some population members are referred to as

intervention studies

both heart disease and cancer are due to genetic causes, and diet cannot influence whether they occur (T,F)


both carbohydrates and protein have 4 calories per gram (T,F)


If a food is lableld "natural" you can be confident that it is more nutritious than a product not carrying that label (T, F)

F (enriching works too)

According to the healthy people 2010 nutritioun-related objectives, it is recommended that the proportion of persons aged 2 years and older who eat at least two daily servings of fruit be increased (T,F)


which of the following conditions is the most nutrition responsive?

Iron-deficiency anemia

the nutrients fall into ___ classifications


All of the following nutrients are organic except


which of the following are energy yielding nutrients, but also provide materials that form structures and working parts of body tissues


in nutrition the word essential means

a necessary nutrient that can be obtained only from the diet

your best friend tells you that she has started taking vitamin supplements to give her energy. how would you respond to her statement?

vitamins provide energy because they undergo oxidation

food scientists measure food energy in


how many calories are in a gram of carbohydrate, protein, fat, alchohol?


a food provides 8 grams of fat and 300 total calories. what is the percentage of calories of fat in this product?


Which of the following are characteristics of alcohol?

it contributes calories, it interferes with repair of body tissues

a compound in cranberries may prevent some bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract and help prevent urinary tract infections. this compound is an example of a

nutraceutical- a food with medical benifits

the compound that gives hot peppers their burning taste is called a


data from a national survey showed that on a given day almost half our population consumes no

fruits or fruit juices

sugar, butter and corn oil are examples of _____ foods which provide few nutrients with many calories


foods that have been subjected to any process such as addition of addititives, milling or cooking are called ____ foods


which of the following terms was coined in an attempt to identify foods that might lend protection against chronic diseases by way of the nutrients or nonnutrients they contain

functional foods

You purchase a food product that is "enriched." this means that

the product could be nutritious or less nutritious

the major key to evaluating a food is to

determine how you use it within your total diet over time

one of the characteristics of a nutritious diet is that the foods provide enough of each essential nutrient, fiber, and energy. This principle of diet planning is called


most foods that are high in calcium are poor sources of iron. this statement illustrates the charactaristic of a nutritious diet known as


a certain amount of fiber in foods contributes to the health of the digestive tract, but too much of fiber leads to nutrient losses. the characteristic of diet planning illustrated by this statement is called


harry has a monotonous diet and eats the same foods every day. you try to convince him to eat a variety of foods because

some less well-known nutrients and some nonnutrient food components could be important to health AND a monotonous diet may deliver large amounts of unwanted toxins or contaminants NOT that it leads to decreased appetite and weight loss

the source of valid nutrition information is

scientific journals

which of the following research designs are amont the most powerful tools in nutrition research because they show the effects of treatments?

laboratory study and interventions study

this type of research studies population and is often used to search for correlation between dietary habits and disease incidence


you see a new finding about nutrition reported in your local newspaper. based on this information you would

wait to apply the findings until they have been repeated and confirmed by scientists.

the dietary guidelines for americans are intended for adults and healthy children ages ___ and older


according to the dietary guidelines for americans, the most healthful diet is

low in saturated fat and provides needed fats and oils not moderate in cholesterol

Nutrition-related health objectives for the nation have been published by the (agricutlture fda health and human diseas control)

department of health and human services

a major guideline for healthy people is to limit calorie intakes and obtain more and varied selections of

fruits and vegetables whole grans nonfat milk

successes in meeting the nutrition objectives for the nation as part of healthy people 2000 included all of the following except (reductions in incidences of food-borne infections, less breast cancer, less overweight people, less dead babies)

less overweight people

effect of physical activity on the body include all of the following except

the one bad thing- decreased bone density

which of the following foods offers the most nutrients per calore


you can tell a claim about nutrition is suspect if it is

made by an advertiser who is paid to make claims, and it's based in testimonials.

ligitimate nutrition experts gave

a diploma from a university and an approved internship

the credential RD displayed by a dietition's name indicates registration with

the american dietic association

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