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  1. _______ drink(s) within a 4 hour time span, regardless of height and weight, can get you a BAC of .01% .
  2. To ensure your safety while driving and from having your vehicle stolen, it is advised you always have your car doors locked. What percentage of stolen vehicles is attributed to having unlocked doors?
  3. If there is no room for you to enter on a freeway, what should you do?
  4. What is not a result of poor peripheral vision?
  5. What is the consequence for failure to appear in court (FTA) or failure to pay fees or fines (FTP)?
  1. a 1
  2. b 80%
  3. c Stop.
  4. d Driving further from parked cars
  5. e License suspension

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  1. 2
  2. Turn your head.
  3. 2.5
  4. Receiving 2 points within 6 months
  5. 25 mph

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  1. What does a vehicle displaying following sign on the back indicate?
    (red border, orange triangle)
    Driving further from parked cars


  2. Provisional licensees would have their license suspended for 6 months and probation for 1 year after receiving _______ points in 12 months.Anyone under 8 yrs. old and less than 4 feet 9 inches.


  3. When driving in the far right lane, what should you expect?Merging vehicles.


  4. While traveling at 55 mph, how many feet do you need to stop?Merging vehicles.


  5. When exiting a freeway, you should signal your intention to exit for approximately how many seconds?5