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  1. Within how many days should you notify the DMV of an address change?
  2. When following large vehicles that block your view of the road ahead, give yourself a ____ second or more cushion of space in front of your vehicle.
  3. When turning, you should signal during the last _________ feet before the turn.
  4. If you must drive in the fog, then slow down and turn your ______ beam headlights on (and fog lights, if you have them).
  5. If you are parking facing downhill, turn your wheels facing ____ from the curb.
  1. a Low
  2. b Towards
  3. c 4
  4. d 10
  5. e 100

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  1. Sell or transfer your vehicle.
  2. 300
  3. Stop before entering
  4. 3
  5. Any two right lanes.

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  1. One person is injured every __ mins as a result of traffic collisionDriving further from parked cars


  2. You should change lanes only when there is sufficient space between vehicles in the next lane, and by allowing a gap of at least how many seconds?Anyone under 8 yrs. old and less than 4 feet 9 inches.


  3. In order to keep a vehicle in a turn without allowing centrifugal force to pull the car out, what should you not do?400


  4. What is not a result of poor peripheral vision?Apply the breaks before shifting into neutral


  5. When exiting a freeway, you should signal your intention to exit for approximately how many seconds?5


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