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Which of the following items meets the standards of a good thesis statement?

This campus should implement a job shadowing program.

Examples and narratives differ in that

examples provide specific illustrations whereas narratives provide an extended story

A comparison of two things, especially with regard to position or function, that are otherwise dissimilar is a(n)


According to Chapter 2 in the textbook, the single most common ineffective delivery habit among inexperienced presenters is

reading a presentation.

55. Enunciation is
B) the physiological process of producing sound.
C) a combination of articulation and pronunciation.
D) a combination of rate and pause.


Which statement below illustrates contrast?

I am unique because I am from India.

57. The usual mode of delivery that leaves the presenter with the least opportunity to respond to audience feedback is
A) memorized

C) extemporaneous
D) epidictic


The term "shared experience" is in reference to

the things we have in common upon which we can build further commonality.

. To practice good delivery you should develop your ________ first and then revise your words for delivery.


. Lifting key passages from sources you do not credit in your speech is an unethical practice known as ___________.


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