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George Kelly: Personal construct theory


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Kelly viewed people as similar to scientists who:
construct hypotheses and test them against reality.
A personal construct:
is a way of looking at events
Kelly's fundamental postulate states that:
psychological processes are directed by the ways we anticipate events and construe our world.
Kelly presented an optimistic image of human nature that:
depicts us as rational beings with free will, capable of directing our destiny.
Kelly believes we are not bound by constructs:
developed at one stage of life or by past experiences, unconscious conflicts, and biological instincts.
Kelly believes that our goal is:
to define a set of constructs that enables us to predict events.
Kelly Assessed personality by:
accepting a person's words at face value, by having the person write a self-characterization sketch, and by the Role Construct Repertory (REP) Test.
The REP test uncovers:
dichotomies important in a person's life, revealing the pattern of personal constructs.
Fixed role therapy involves:
having a client act out the constructs of an imaginary person to demonstrate how to implement new constructs that will be more effective than old ones.
Research on the REP test shows that constructs:
are stable over time
The validity of the rep test depend on:
the skill of the psychologist interpreting it
the REP test has been used for:
market research, performance appraisal, and vocational counseling.
People high in cognitive complexity:
are better able to predict the behavior of others. They more readily recognize differences between themselves and others. They are more empathic, deal better with inconsistent information in construing others, and experienced greater complexity in childhood than did people high in cognitive simplicity.
kelly's work has been critiized for:
omitting familiar concepts such as motivation and emotion for focusing on the rational aspects of human functioning to the exclusion of emotional aspects, and for relying on an unrepresentative sample of subjects.
The test of a construct system is how well it:
predicts events
The ________ corollary explains how we construe the constructions of others.
Kelly promoted a form of psychotherapy called ________ therapy.
fixed role
According to Kelly, our constructs must always be framed in terms of a pair of mutually exclusive alternatives. This is called the ________ Corollary.
Kelly suggested that if several people construe an experience similarly, we can conclude that their cognitive processes are:
True or false? Kelly proposed that the way to understand someone's personality is to examine them physically, emotionally, and intellectually.
True or false? Kelly treated severely disturbed psychotics in mental hospitals and neurotics with troublesome emotional problems.
True or false? A permeable construct is one where people are exposed to new experiences everyday, therefore the process of testing the fit of a construct to see how well it predicted the event is ongoing.