This is a review from our vocabulary class.


not stopping or slowing down, constant; The dog offered his owner _________ loyalty.


faint and difficult to analyze; The woman's obvious disdain for her boss made her attitude anything but _________.


most frequent or common; Extreme heat has been the _________ weather pattern in Europe this summer.


very profound, very bad; They were abashed when they saw the _________ conditions of their destitute daughter's apartment.


difficult to accomplish; It was an _________ task to create anything lucid from the confusing essay.


to weaken, to reduce in vitality; Adolescent students, replete with pranks and antics, can _________ a young teacher within the first week of school.


a non-conformist, rebel; The behavior of the pristine girl was totally opposite to the _________ behavior of her oppositional sister.


nearness, closeness; His _________ to the violin virtuoso left him breathless.


claimed, reputed or rumored; They were _________ to have betrayed their vows of fidelity to each other.


extremely poor; Because they hadn't managed their money well, the young couple was _________ within the first year of their marriage.

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