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Types of Boundaries/ boundary origin/boundary process/border disputes


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what are physical boundary
something on the earth used as a boundary like a mountain, river, or desert
examples of physical boundaries
the Rio Grande between the U.S. and Mexico/ the Himalayas between china and India/ Gobi between china and Mongolia
what are geometric boundaries
boundaries based on latitude and longitude
examples of geometric boundaries
the boundary between the U.S. and Canada
what are religious boundaries
boundaries that are made because two places have different religions
example of religious boundaries
between India and Pakhistan
what are language boundaries
a boundary between two places due to languages
examples of language boundaries
France and Germany
what is antecedent boundary
a prehistoric boundary like mountains and rivers
examples of antecedent boundaires
Himalayan Mountains Between China and India; Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France
what is a relic boundary
a former boundary that is no longer used
examples of relic boundaries
Berlin Wall/ the Great Wall of China
subsequent boundary
a boundary that change becuse of conflict
examples of subsequent boundaries
China and Vietnam/ Germany and Poland/ Northern Ireland and Ireland
what is a superimposed boundary
a forced boundary; a political boundary and not a forced boundary; made for the leader not the peopel
examples of superimposed boundaries
North and South Korea
What is definition in the boundary process
when a state claims. negotiates, and claims a coutnry
what is delimitation in the boundary process
when a border is put on the map
what is demarcation in the boundary proccess
putting actual markers on the ground to show boundaries
examples of demarcating the ground to show borders
the Berlin War the Great Wall of China
what is a definitional border dispute
when two countries over a treaty or legal document because they interpreted it differntly
examples of definitional border disputes
Argentina and Chile over the Andes Mountains; India and Pakistan over Kashmir;
what is a locational border dispute
when a physical border moves and two countries argue over where the boundary is
what are examples of locational border disputes
between the states that have the Louisiana River as a boundary; Ganges River, Rio Grande in the U.S.
What is an operational border dispute
when a border is decided but getting past it is a problem
examples of operational border disputes
the U.S. after 911
what is an allocating border dispute
when a resource is at the border of two places and the countries argue over who gets the resources
examples of allocating border diaputes
Iraq and Kuwaiti