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Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus River Valley, and China Test

What are three sumerian inventions?
Cuneiform, Irrigation, Plows
what is the center of all sumerican cities?
He was an Akkadian king who created the world's first empire
Another name for which mesopotamia is located
Fertile Crescent
He was a babylonian king who created the code of laws
These were people who invaded Egypt at the end of the Middle Kingdom
Writing surface invented by the Egyptians
2 languages on the Rosetta Stone
Ancient Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Egyptian god-kings
3 parts of ancient Egyptian history
Old, Middle, New
Used by Shang Kings to consult the Gods
Oracle Bones
Concept that the zhou leaders and later the Chinese leaders declared that justified their power
Mandate of Heaven
Nomads attacked this dynasty's capital in 771 B.C. and effectively took them out of power
Zhou Dynasty
First dynasty to leave written records
Shang Dynasty
First Chinese Dynasty
Xia Dynasty
2 people that Harappans traded with
Mesopotamians and Afghans
3 countries that make up the indian subcontinent
India, Pakistan, Bangledish
Religion whose early beginning can be traced back to the Harappan civilizations
Another name for Indus Valley civilization
Harappan Civilization
Seasonal winds that dominate
Religion of Egypt today
country that the Indus River run through today
2nd most populous country which is located southwest of China
Share of population who is either Indian or Chinese
3 of early river civilizations located on this continent
This region, about the size of Massachusetts, was the site of the first civilization
Herodutus remarked that Egypt was
The Gift of the Nile
This is a legendary king of Mesopotamia whose adventures are detailed in one of the world's earliest works of literature.
What did these early river civilizations do to overcome the challenges they were faced with?
Built irrigation systems to secure their water supply
The cataracts along the Nile are most similar to
Papyrus was used as a surface for the Egyptian writing system called
The main purpose of the pyramids of Egypt was to function as
Ancient Egypt was protected by natural barriers formed by
The legendary firgure Narmer is famous for being
The first ruler of a united Egypt
This is the process by which the ideas, beliefs, and products of one people are shared with and widely accepted by another people.
Cultural Diffusion
Which challenges did all these early civilizations face?
Seasonal Flooding
This part of the area between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea differs from the surrounding territory in the richness of the land.
Fertile Crescent
This is the belief in many gods.
This is a political unit that operates similarly to an independent kingdom, although it shares a culture with other areas.
The process of mummification was connected to the Egyptian belief in
An afterlife
The Fertile Crescent is located in
The theocracy of ancient Egypt was a belief in the divinity of
the pharoah
The land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
The Sumerians' gods were
Ready to punish at any time
The Nile flooded when
Rains and melted snow from the mountains caused to river to rise
The Sumerians view of death was
This is the result of uniting several peoples, nations, or formerly independent states under one ruler.
From the pyramids, we can tell that the ancient Egyptians
Had the necessary technology and organization to carry out massive projects
Creator of the world's first empire
This is a series of rulers from the same family.