This is a review from our vocabulary class.


enthusiastically devoted to something, fervent; His _________ followers told everyone they met about the things he had taught them.


malicious, unjustifiable, unprovoked; They were charged with _________ acts against the king's zealots.


yearning, sadly longing; Enervated by years of hard work and loneliness, the old woman was _________ as she gazed out of the window at the youg lovers sharing the summer sunshine.


loud, noisy; He bragged in a _________ voice about his life as a purported virtuoso on the bagpipes.


an occupation, a job; Although they enjoyed their _________ as dog breeders, they were fettered by the continuous litters of puppies.


everyday speech, slang, idiom; Although Amy and Arthur are eager to demonstrate their English _________, they will never resort to profanity.


making peace, attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill; The banker, upon finding that the young couple was destitute, became _________ and gave them an extra three months to pay back their loan.


boldness, recklessness, audacity; The young men had the _________ to say that they thought women had inferior intelligence to men.


wastefully extravagant; Because the old woman lived a _________ lifestyle, she ended her life in an abysmal building originally built as a canine shelter.

flora, fauna

plants (flower) - animals (fawns); As we walked through the woods, we saw little evidence of _________, but the surroundings were replete with _________.

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