This is a review from our vocabulary class.


not allowing anything to pass through, unaffected; Because of her strong self-confidence, she was _________ to their rude remarks.


deliberately, purposely; Although the teacher had warned them about their behavior, the students _________ did exactly as they pleased.


loving to be with other people; The child was not really vociferous, but because of her love of mingling with her parents' friends, she was seen as being very _________.


forced to; Because the woman was quite contrite after her lie was uncovered, her speech was not only laconic, but it was obvious that she had been _________ into telling her story.


stray from the main subject or plan; The violin virtuoso had the audacity to unabashedly _________ from the printed program and play his own choice of music instead.


vague, hazy, indistinct; The despondent old man was so _________ in his request for help, the nurses thought he was simply having wistful thoughts of his youth.


a huge number; There are a _________ of reasons why the once pristine landscape was now nothing but an abysmal mess.


nearsightedness, lack of foresight; The president suffers from willful economic _________, covering up his blunders with vociferous statements of innocence.


Loyal, faithful; His fidelity was commendable, exhibited by his _________ love for his wife and children.


fanatically committed people; The man was surrounded by his _________, who had followed his teachings for several years.

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