35 terms

geb test 1 ch 2

according to research, what is the ideal size for small groups?
a. five
the communication barrier that results from overemphasizing unity is called
a. groupthink
which statement correctly describes teams?
a. personality conflicts can damage a team's effectiveness
which statement about the use of team feedback is accurate?
a. feedback is vital to improving the way teams work together
groupthink is caused by
a. an overemphasis on unity that stifles information flow
which of the following is not a reason for a team to meet frequently?
a. write the first draft of the document
which of the following is not a appropriate way to manage team writing?
a. use a data-dump to cover all research gathered
which of the following is preferred wording for commenting on peer writing
a. i was confused by this paragraph
the most common problem of team writing is
a. multiple voices
benefits of team writing include all but
a. seeing how each person's section fits into the collection of sections
ethnocentrism is
a. belief in the superiority of your own culture
when communicating with people from different cultures, you should
a. maintain formality, show respect, and speak or write clearly
which statement about communicating across cultures is correct?
a. you can convey key points more effectively by mentioning concrete examples
guidelines for communicating with people from other cultures include all except
a. use humor
international communication can be destroyed by
a. ethnocentrism
women and people of color accounted for what percent of the work force in 2000?
a. 70
which statement about gender communication is correct?
a. women tend to build better rapport than men do in communication
what is the best way to communicate with a disabled person?
a. provide reasonable accommodations without drawing more attention to the disability
which statement about gender issues in communication is correct?
a. women tend to emphasize politeness, whereas men tend to be directive in conversation
which of the following about female gender differences is not true?
a. women internalize success
all of the following statements about communicating with people with disabilities are correct except
a. people with disabilities are protected by the federal disabilities act
when communicating with a person who is disabled, you should
a. not be patronizing
which of the following statements about ethics is not true?
a. there are four types of ethics
according to Maxwell, which of the following is not one of the reasons why people make unethical decisions?
a. we believe we are right
the practice of whether to accept gifts from suppliers is an example of
a. social ethics
which of the following statements about ethics is not true?
a. social ethics are defined by an organization
which of the following is not a factor in making an ethical decision?
a. determine how much it will cost
which of the following is not a true statement about email?
a. your email is assured privacy because it is an individual email address
use an email if
a message consists of short, simple content
if an email message is typed in all capitals, it is considered
a. rude
use a written communication medium if
a. it contains complex, detailed, or lengthy content
the format of an email should adhere to all of the following except
a. using all caps
which of the following is not true about email messages?
skip the salutation
what questions should you ask about emails if you are new to an office?
all of the above
receiving and sending text messages in real time is
a. instant messaging