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Final Exam 5

Final Exam 5
In the diagnosis "first-, second-, and third-degree burns of the chest wall," a code is required for:
A) the third-degree burn only
B) the first-degree burn only
C) for each, first, second and third-degree burn
D) the second-degree burn only
The answer is A
A 36-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital for an obstetrical delivery of her third child. During this admission, a sterilization procedure was performed for contraceptive purposes. The V25-2 code for sterilization would be:
A) not assigned because this was the patient's third child
B) assigned as a secondary diagnosis
C) not assigned because it is the same admission as delivery
D) Assigned as a principal diagnosis
The answer is B
A patient with leukemia is admitted for chemotherapy 5 weeks after experiencing an acute myocardial infarction. How will the MI be coded?
A) acute MI with 5th digit of 2- subsequent episode of care
B) history of MI
C) Acute MI with 5th digit of 1-initial episode of care
D) chronic MI
The answer is A
In assignment E/M codes, three key components are used. These are:
A) history, examination, counseling
B) history, examination, time
C) history, nature of presenting problem, time
D) history, examination, medical-decision making
The answer is D
Which classification system is used to classify neoplasms according to site, morphology, and behavior?
A) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
B) Systemized Nomenclature of Human and Veterinary Medicine (SNOMED)
C) International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-O)
D) Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
The answer is C
A patient is seen by a surgeon who determines that an emergency procedure is necessary. Identify the modifier that may be reported to indicate that the decision to do surgery was made on this office visit.
A) -55
B) -57
C) -25
D) -58
The answer is B
Susan Dawn is status post mastectomy (6 weeks) due to carcinoma of the breast. She is admitted to the outpatient clinic for chemotherapy. What is the correct sequencing of codes?
A) V58.11 chemotherapy; V10.3 personal history of neoplasm of breast
B) V10.3 personal history of neoplasm of breast; V58.11 chemotherapy
C) V67.00 follow up exam after surgery; V58.11 chemotherapy
D) V58.11 chemotherapy; 174.9 malignant neoplasm of breast
The answer is D
In general, all three key components (history, physical exam, and medical decision making) for the E/M codes in CPT should be met or exceeded when:
A) the patient is given subsequent care in the hospital
B) the patient is established
C) the patient is seen for a follow-up inpatient consultation
D) a new patient is seen in the office
The answer is D
In ICD-9-CM, when an exploratory laparotomy is performed followed by a therapeutic procedure, the coder lists:
A) Therapeutic procedure first, exploratory laparotomy second.
B) exploratory laparotomy first, therapeutic procedure second
C) Exploratory laparotomy, therapeutic procedure, closure of wound.
D) therapeutic procedure only
The answer is D
In CPT, Category III codes include codes:
A) for supplies, drugs, and durable medical equipment
B) to describe emerging technologies
C) to measure performance
D) for use by nonphysician practitioners
The answer is B
The best place to ascertain the size of an excised lesion for accurate CPT coding is the:
A) discharge summary
B) anesthesia record
C) pathology report
D) operative report
The answer is D
The Level II (national) codes of the HCPCS coding system are maintained by the:
A) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
B) local fiscal intermediary
C) American Medical Association
D) CPT Editorial Panel
The answer is A
The Level 1 (CPT) codes of HCPCS coding system are maintained by the:
A) American Hospital Association
B) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
C) American Medical Association
D) local fiscal intermediary
The answer is A
A patient is admitted with shortness of breath and hemoptysis. A chest x-ray revealed patchy infiltrates in the left lung and possible pneumonia. On the third day of hospitalization a bronchoscopy with biopsy was done which revealed a small cell carcinoma of the left upper lobe of the lung. A metastatic lesion in the brain was detected. The Principal Diagnosis is:
A) metastatic brain carcinoma
B) hemoptysis
C) small cell lung carcinoma
D) pneumonia
The answer is C
Code 402, Hypertensive Heart Disease, would appropriately be used in which of the following situations?
A) hypertensive cardiovascular disease with congestive heart failure
B) left heart failure with benign hypertension
C) cardiomegaly with hypertension
D) congestive heart failure; hypertension
The answer is A
A prolonged pregnancy is a pregnancy that has advanced beyond ____ completed weeks of gestation.
A) 40
B) 39
C) 41
D) 42
The answer is D