40 terms

Milady's Ch.5 Infection Control

What is not an issue addressed by OSHA standards?
Gender equality in the workplace
What term refers to an abnormal condition of all or part of the body that makes the body incapable carrying on normal function?
What three qualities must disinfectants used in salons, spas, and medical facilities have?
Bactericidal, sporicidal, and fungicidal
What type of bacteria causes abscesses, pustules, and boils?
What is the most common type of bacteria?
What are the two new cells created through binary fission called?
Daughter cells
What is the most common way that communicable diseases spread?
Dirty hands
What is a sign that a client has human papilloma virus (HPV) or plantar warts?
Clusters of small black dots on the bottom of the foot
What is a type of fungus that affects plants or grows on inaimate objects, but does not cause human infections in the salon?
What form of decontamination is not recommended for use in salons or spas?
Dry-heat sterilization
What is a characteristic of an ideal disinfectant?
Includes strips for checking effectiveness
What strength bleach solution can be used for disinfecting implements that have come into contact with blood?
What sould you do when using disinfectant?
Follow the instructions on the label for diluting it
What is a phenolic disinfectants?
They are a form of formaldehyde
What should you not do when using disinfectants?
Place them in unmarked containers
When should you wash your hands?
Before and after a service
What should you do next after stopping the service when a client is accidentally cut and starts to bleed?
Put on gloves
What type of burn affects all layers of the skin and causes blistering, swelling, and scarring?
Thrid degree burn
How long should you flush a client's eyes with water if a product gets into them?
15 Minutes
What should you do to help keep the workplace healthy and looking its best?
Clean fans and humidifiers at least once a week
T/F The Environmenta Protection Agency (EPA) is a state regulatory agency.
T/F Some people that carry MRSA bacteria are not aware of their infection, but can infect others
T/F Viruses can replicate without the presence of host cells
T/F Disinfectants used in the salon should carry an EPA-regisration number and identify the specific organisms they are effective in killing.
T/F all work surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected before beginning any client service
T/F Any disinfectant item that has been touched or exposed to air is considered contaminated
T/F Properly washing your hands is one of the most important action you can take to prevent spreading germs from one person to another
T/F When washing your hands, the water should be as hot as you can tolerate.
Bloodborne pathogens are more difficult to kill than germs that live outside the body
When washing your hands, the process for brushing both hands should take about 15 seconds to finish
Medical term for barber/s itch
Tenea barbae
Determination of the nature of a disease from it symptoms and/or testing
Round-shaped bacteria that appear singly or in groups
Medical term for athlete's foot
Tinea peids
Corckscrew-shaped bacteria
One form of this is touching a contaminated countertop
Indirect transmission
Short rod-shaped bacteria
Germicides formulated for use on skin
These work to break down stubborn films and remove the residue of products such as scrubs, salts, and masks
Chelating soaps
One form of this is passing body fluids through kissing
Direct transmission