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Psychology 1101 Chapter 3


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Psychological researchers study genetics in order to better understand the ________ that contributes to certain behaviors
A difference in ________ can explain why one person dies from a disease and another person survives.
Human eggs and sperm each contain 23 ________, which are composed of long strands of ________.
chromosomes; DNA
Changes in behavior and cognitive processes over time are studied by
evolutionary psychologists
most traits are controlled by more than one gene
The two major divisions of the nervous system are the
central; peripheral nervous systems
central nervous system
the brain and the spinal cord
connects the brain and the spinal cord
computerized tomography (CT) scan
scan involves taking a number of x-rays of a particular section of a person's body or brain.
positron emission tomography (PET)
electroencephalography (EEG)
Researchers place electrodes at various locations on a person's head in order to record brainwaves
The endocrine system consists of a series of glands that produce chemical substances known as ________.
evolution by natural selection theory
states that organisms that are better suited for their environment will survive and reproduce, while those that are poorly suited for their environment will die off.
genetic makeup of an individual
individual's inheritable physical characteristics