42 terms

chapter 2 american history

vocab and key people and events
the 9 military events that were ment to liberate muslims from the holy lands
marco polo
was a merchant from the venetian republic he had introduced europeans to central asia and china
the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world
mansa musa
was the tenth emperor of the mali empire during his hight ruled from 1312 to 1337
henry the navigator
was a map maker and a teacher of christopher columbus
bartholomeu dias
was a portuguese explorer who sailed around th southern most tip of africa in 1488 he was the first european known to have done so
vasco di gama
was a portuguese explorer one of the most successful was the first commander to sail directly from europe to india
christopher columbus
was a navagator found the americas had been funded by the spain because he would bring christianty to the new land
amerigo vespucci
was an italian explorer who was a navigator and cartographer
ferdinand magellan
was a maritime navigator and explorer was the first succesful attempt to circumnavigate the earth but he didn't survive the journy because he was killed in the battle of macton
hernan cortes
was a spanish conquestodor who led an expidition that caused the fall of the actec empire
was the emperor of the asteck empire he was meet by the spainish conquistador and he was over thrown buy them
francisco pizzaro
a spanish conquistador concurer of the incan empire and founder of lima the modernday capital of peru
was the last emperor of the incan empire he became empire because he defeted his older half brother
hernando de soto
was a spanish explorer and conquistador who while leading the first european expiditond deep into the united states
leif ericksson
was an explorer who is currently regarded as the first european to land in north america 492 years before christopher columbus
was the name given to an area of north america by the northsmen about the year 1000 ce
martin luther
changed the corse of western civilization buy initiating the prodestant reformation
protestant reformation
was a christian reform movement in europe witch is generaly deemed to have began with martin luther's 95 theses in 1517
john calvin
was a paster during the protestant reformation
john cabot
was a venetian navigator and explorer whos 1497 discovery of north america is commonly led to be the first european voiage
jacques cartier
was a french expolorer who clamed what is now canada for france he was the first european to describe and map the gulf of saint lawrence
henry hudson
was an english sea explorer and navagator in the early 17th centry he explored the region around modern new york city while looking for a western route to the indies
belonging to the first or highest class
the termonology of an art, sience and laguage
an instrament used to make predictions
a long jorny one would under take for some volital purpose
a muslim house of worship
the sared text of islam divided into 114 chapters
a medieval icelantic or norse post naritive of achevments and events in the history of the family
line of demarcation
the line that the pope made to stop the wars of witch contry would get what part of the new found land
a narrow passage of water connecting two large bodies of water
to sail around an area of water
one of the spainish concorers of mexico and peru in the 16th centry
an indian village in north america
a group of people sent to a foregin country to conduct negotiations establishing relations
the land or village together with its inhabitants
a colony or new settlement
when one country buys something for one price and sells it back for a higher price to the same country
columbian exchange
was an widespred exchangeof plants animals foods slaves and more
northwest passage
is a sea route through the artic ocean along the nothen coast of north america via water ways
coureur de bois
was a individual who engaged in the fur trade without permissions from the french authorities