30 terms

Photoshop CC

1) Which is the advantage of linking images into Photoshop versus embedding them (such as with Open, Import, or cutting and pasting?
Files linked in a Photoshop file are automatically updated whenever the original is edited and saved.
2) When preparing images in Photoshop to be used for different media—print, web, and video—different file formats are required. Select the three export options which provide the greatest flexibility and utility.
- JPG (jpeg) - Used to compress web images to a small file sixe without losing too much quality
- TIFF (tiff) - Used for professional print images to save in a uncompressed, loss-less file format at high resolution.
- BMP - Used for either web or print because of the ability to save high quality images ether compressed or uncompressed.
3) You will be applying some special effects to the image the superintendent sent you of the school building. When editing the photo, what Color Mode should you use to give you the greatest number of Photoshop's features?
4) Quick select tool
This tool selects all contiguous pixels with similar colors with a single click.
5) Lasso tool
After drawing a free-form shape, this tool selects the area enclosed by the shape.
5) In one picture of a group of students, one student is standing too far to the right, apart from the rest of the group. What is the best Photoshop feature to use to move that student closer to the group in the photo?
content-aware move
6) As a first step to adapting the school photo, you would like to change it to black-and-white. What is the quickest way to convert a color image to black-and-white (grayscale) non-destructively?
Create an adjustment layer using the Black & White menu option
7) This is a new client for your company—one with whom you have little experience. What would be the best way to begin to determine the styles to use in building ads for this particular client?
Talk to the client about specific expectations they have about the ad design.
8) Your advertising company has hired a photographer to take pictures for the ads. The photos were taken in a public place and include the model, wearing the advertised clothing, interacting with other people. In addition to your work for hire agreement with the photographer, what specific additional permissions must you obtain before you can use the photos in web advertising?
Copies of the "model releases" from everyone who appears in the photos that is identifiable.
9) The visual design of the typography helps communicate the purpose of an advertisement. Based on that fact, which two of the following statements are true about the role of typography in visual design? (Chose two)
- When laying out the text in an advertisement, be sure to consider the style, color, and spacing.
- You should select typefaces that help illustrate the style and tone of the store and the merchandise being advertised.
10) What size would be most appropriate for full-width banner ads you are creating for the clothing store?
Width: 728 pixels, Height: 90 pixels
11) Which three of the following statements about using vector masks are true" (Choose three)
- The masks are resolution independent and can be easily enlarged.
- The masks cannot have soft or feathered edges because they are created with vector shapes.
- The masks create clean, defined edges because it used a sharp-edged shape as the mask.
12) Paint bucket tool
Fills an enclosed, contiguous area on the canvas with the current foreground color.
12) Brush tool
Paints lines and strokes of selected colors and settings
12) Pencil tool
Draws hard-edged lines and strokes and cannot be softened
12) Mixer brush tool
Simulates realistic looking painting techniques, such a blending canvas colors and varying brush wetness
12) Art history brush tool
Paints with stylized strokes, using data from selected history state of snapshot
12) History brush tool
Paints using data from a selected previous state or snapshot
13) What is a benefit of creating snapshots in the History panel as you are working?
- Snapshots let you compare the effects of applying filters with different settings.
14) Which of the following are three of the effects of applying the Flatten Image command in Adobe Photoshop? (Choose three)
- Hidden layers are discarded
- Reduces the Photoshop file size
- All visible layers are combined into a single layer
15) You have selected a small image you'd like to turn into a brush, and you want the brush to have sharp edges. How do you do that?
While painting with the brush, set the Hardness of the sampled brush to 100%.
16) An early step in designing a new image for use as a book cover is to establish a general layout and color scheme. How might this be presented to the client in order to get their approval (Choose two.)
- A Preliminary mock-up
- A rough sketch
17) You are working on the cover of a romance novel for which the client-author has suggested a color scheme. Unfortunately, the color scheme he suggested has colors that clash and are unattractive together. What should you do?
Raise your concerns about the color scheme and present alternative suggestions
18) Images intended for use as a book cover are often initially created in Photoshop and then exported to Illustrator or InDesign for final print production. Which two steps should be performed in Photoshop prior to export? (Choose two)
- Modify design with Soft Proofing.
- Change image color mode to CMYK.
19) E-book covers usually mimic the size and shape of the cover of the printed book, if there is one. You are adapting an e-book cover from a print cover that is 6"wide x 9" high. What would be appropriate dimensions for the e-book cover to maintain the aspect ratio of the print cover?
Width: 1200 pixels, Height: 1800 pixels
20) Pixels
The individual dots or points that together make up a digital image on a screen or monitor.
21) Resolution
A measurement of a digital image's size by the number of dots in the image's grid.
22) Bitmap graphic
Digital images made up of individual dots in a grid
23) Vector graphic
Digital images made up of mathematically drawn lines, curves, and shapes.
21) What design principle is ullustrated by an image with an overlay depicting 9 areas defined by 2 evenly spaced horizontal lines and 2 evenly spaced verticle lines?
Rule of thirds