Wordly Wise 3000 Book 8 Lesson 20

15 terms by Moondust

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v. 1. To cause to feel unfriendly where friendliness once existed. 2. To cause to feel alone and cut off from .


adj. Having or showing great warmth or deep feeling; intensely eager.


n. A showing of self-control or patience. (v).To hold back; to keep from doing or saying something.


adj. Easily tricked or cheated; too trusting.


n. Any person or thing that is an obstacle.


adj. Causing anger or trouble.


v. 1. To order or prearrange. 2. To install as a minister, priest, or rabbi, often in a special ceremony.


n. An enthusiastic reception; long and loud applause.


adj. Not hidden; public.


v. To take back an opinion or statement; to confess to being wrong.


n. A reply to what has been said.


v. To find fault with; to blame. (n)Blame, disgrace, or discredit.


adj. Like a slave; excessively humble.


v. To exceed or go beyond.


v. To make insulting remarks about; to slander.

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