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Electric current
The movement of electricity along the conductor is called?
Since silver and copper transport electricity easily they are called?
Materials such as glass, rubber or paperthat dont allow electicity to fo
An amper is a unit of electric ___?
A volt is a unit of electric?
What protects people from getting shocked by electric current?
Unit of electric pressure
Which of the following describtiona indentifies voltage?
A material that best tranports electricity is called?
Which of the following materials does not allow a current to pass through it?
A unit of electrical resistance is called?
A measure of how much electrical engery is being used is called a?
Alternating current
Electric current tht flow first in one direction and then the other is called?
The nameplate
Voltage needed frequency required and watts the appliance consumes are indicated on the
Appliance certified to operate safely under the conditions
An underwriters laboratory designation indicates
Two forms of electrical current are
Turning on a light switch
Which of the following examples would be an example of a closing current?
Short circuit
Dropping an electrical appliance into water is an example of
Extension cord with multiple plugs is used to attach 4 or 5 appliances to one wall socket
Fires in electrical can occur if
What type of shock passes through nervous system
Broom plastic hit them with it
If someone comes into contact with an electrical current you can break the circuit carrying the power by
Passes thru a small part of the body
What does local shock do?
Using electrical clippers in cosmetology work would be an example of which kind of electrical effect
Touch the person to ground the circuit
Which of the following steps should not be followed to break the circuit when a person comes into contact with an electrical current
The application of special electric currents that have certain effects on the skin is known as
Increase in resistant
Electric current in a conductor causes heat by
Galvanic current?
The direct current in electro therapy treatment is
When performing an electro therapy procedure what conductor is used to bring the current from the appliance to the clients skin
Which process used the positive electrode to force acidic solution into the skin without breaking the skin?
Softens tissues and opens pores
Which of the following results is not true about cataphoresis
Opens pores after facial treatment
Which of the following results is not a temporary effect of the positive pole of galvanic current?
Which electrode therapy treatment can cause sebum to be broken down or blackheads to be liquified as in deep pore cleansing?
Indirect method?
Faradic current is used chiefly to cause?
High frequency and alternating current are characteristics are which type of electrotherapy?
Decreased rate of metabolism
Which of the following conditions is not derived through application thru the high frequency current
1 milliampere
The max amount of currrent used in galvanic treatment should mot exceed
Light therapy
Treatment w light rays is called?
The chemical breakdown of the skin caused by intense heat is called?
Color we see
Which of the following ia true of visible light?
Which of the following types of light carries the most energy?
Which type of light can create blue or cool tones?
Long lasting, economical, creates blue or cool tones
Which of the following statements is true about flourscent lighting?
Which of the following terms is also known actinic?
30 inches
The average distance you should place an infevernt lamp diring a facial is about?
What percentage of sunlight is composed of invisible rays?
Which of the following types of light has the shortest wave length?
What kight creates the closest substitute for natural sunlight?
Vitamin D
Small doses of ultra violet light may help the body produce?
Decreased skin gland secretion
Which of the following effects is mot a benefit of using inferent kighting
UV light
Over exposure of which type of light can reault in skin cancer?
Which process uses a negative electrode to force negativity charge solutions into the skin w out breaking the skin?