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the repetition of sounds at the ends of words

Rhyme Scheme

a regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem


a pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry; it is determined by the number of unstressed and stressed syllables in a line


a comparison of unlike things that does not use like or as


a comparison of unlike things that uses like, as, and sometimes than

Figurative Language

writing or speech not meant to be interpreted literally; used to create vivid images and comparisons


A group of lines in a poem: A poetry paragraph


A four-lined stanza


giving a non-human thing human qualities or characteristics


A two-lined stanza that usually rhymes


A five-lined stanza


something that has meaning in itself and represents something else


the overall feeling of a story or how the story makes the reader feel


a unit of meter that is also called a foot. It consists of one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable.

Iambic Tetrameter

A type of meter that has four Iambs per line (8 total syllables)


repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words

Iambic Pentameter

a type of meter that has five iambs per line. (remember that an iamb contains two syllables and so Iambic Pentameter will have 10 syllables per line.)


Author's opinion or attitude towards something in a work of literature


A song-like narrative poem

Narrative Poem

a poem that tells a story


A poem that has fourteen lines that is written in iambic pentameter and has a specific rhyme scheme.


Extreme exaggeration used for effect


words that represent sounds


a combination of words that seem to contradict each other: Deafening Silence, Alone in a crowd, the bright night


the presentation of something as being smaller, worse, or less important than it actually is.

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