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WHI.11 Civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere

location of the Silk Route
across Asia to the Mediterranean Basin
location of Trans-Saharan routes
across North Africa
major Eastern Hemisphere trade patterns from 1000-1500 CE
- Silk Routes
- Trans-Saharan routes
- Maritime routes on the Indian Ocean
- Northern European links with the Black Sea
- Western European sea and river trade
- South China Sea and lands of Southeast Asia
Black Sea
sea located between Europe and Asia, north of Asia Minor
South China Sea
waterway south of China
what aided the diffusion & exchange of technology & culture
regional trade networks & long distance trade routes in Asia
goods traded from lands around the Indian Ocean
goods traded from India, China, the Middle East and later Europe
good traded from China and Persia
technology that came from China through the Muslim world to Byzantium and the Westen Empire
technology that came from India
new crops (e.g for making sugar)
technology that came from the Middle East
waterwheels and windmills
navigation technology from China
navigation technology from the Indian Ocean region
lateen sail
Buddhism spread from China to -
Korea and Japan
Hinduism and Buddhism spread from India to -
Southeast Asia
Islam spread into -
West Africa, Central and Southeast Asia
civilization that developed printing and paper money
China's proximity to this civilization influenced its cultural development
2 religious traditions in the Japanese culture
Shinto and Buddhism
Japan is a mountainous:
a group of islands
number of main Japanese islands
body of water located between Japan and the Asian mainland
Sea of Japan
another name for the Sea of Japan
East Sea
influence of Chinese culture on Japan
- writing
- architecture
- Buddhism
key ideas in Shinto
- the importance of natural features, forces of nature and ancestors
- state religion; worship of the emperor
group that created an empire by invading Russia, Southwest Asia & China
Golden Horde
western portion of the Mongol Empire
Genghis Khan
founder & first great Khan of the Mongol Empire
religion & the Mongols
they converted to local religions, such as Islam, after conquest
Mongol armies
- invaded Russia, China & Muslim states in Southwest Asia, destroying cities & countryside
- created an empire

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