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how many times a bx happens
how long a bx lasts
intertrial- interval
amount of time between 2 bxs
measures how hard, how loud, how strong bx is
discontinuous measure
time sampling
partial interval time sampling
choose a block of time to observe
momentary time sampling
look for bx only on the moment mark
whole interval time sampling
bx has to occur the entire time
permanent product recording
graphs and data
behaviors must be
observable and measurable
overt bx
can be seen by another person
covert bx
thinking, imagining, remembering
bx can be described
clearly, objectively and completely
bx have an effect on
the physical and social environment
bx is
everything people say and do
bx are an
attribute or characteristic of a person
remaining quite
is not a bx
a___is a stimulus that increases behavior
5 types of reinforcers
edible, sensory, tangible, activity, and social
hugs are an ex. of
social reinforcement
tickles are an ex. of
sensory reinforcement
stickers are an ex. of
tangible reinforcement
lunch w/teacher is an ex. of
activity reinforcement
crackers are an ex. of
edible reinforcement
in Naturalistic free operant-obsevation
the learner is observed in their daily environment
single stimulus does not require
the ability to make a choice
multiple stimuli trial based preference assessment
presents learner with an array of three or more items and ask to select one
paired stimuli trial based assessment
presents learner with two items and ask to select one
An ___ provides information about learners current skill levels including strengths and weaknesses
Individualized assessment
it is important to conduct individualized assessment on a______ to ensure learner is making socially significant progress
regular basis
RBT may be asked to assist in curriculum based , developmental assessments or ________assessments.
social skills assessments
a commonly used curriculum assessment is the____
a commonly used developmental assessment is the____
a commonly used social skills assessment is the _____
when probing a skill, the technician should speak clearly, allow learner enough time to respond and____
minimize distractions in the environment
when answering questions about learners skills and bx, the tech should use language that is professional and_____
the tech should record data _____ to avoid forgetting due to the passage of time.
the program supervisor may ask tech to assist with behaviors and ______ throughout the assessment
an __________ is an event that precedes a behavior
a ____________ is an event that follow a behavior
to conduct ABC observations, the tech must be present in the ________that is the setting where the problem bx is most likely to occur
Natural Environment
when conducting an_________, the program supervisor may interview the person exhibiting the problem bx or significant others
Indirect Assessment
when conducting _________, the program supervisor manipulates antecedents and consequences to demonstrate their influence on the problem bx
Experimental Functional Assessment
when conducting __________, the supervisor observes and records antecedents(A) consequences(C) each time the behavior(B) occurs
Descriptive Assessment
the ____condition test whether or not the bx is maintained by attention
Attention Condition
the_____condition test whether or not the bx is maintained by self-stimulation
Alone Condition
the _________ conditions test whether the bx is maintained by escape
Demand Condition
the________condition serves as the control condition
Play Condition
example of an indirect verbal prompt is...
Billy forgets to put in last puzzle piece and you say "what did you forget"
prompt are given _________the instruction is given
inadvertent prompts can be...
looking at an object, mouthing answer or leaving target item in the same position in a field of other stimuli
Examples of chaining are ...
Forward, Backwards and Total Task
chaining is typically used for task such as..
brushing teeth and dressing skills
to teach Backwards chaining in putting a puzzle together you
have the puzzle pre-built with only the last piece missing
reinforcement________the likelihood of a bx to reoccur
Billy gets 5 points for every hour he reads. what type of schedule reinforcement is this?
fixed interval
Sally goes to the casino to play slots, sometimes it takes 3 spins, 5 spins, 7 spins to win. What type of schedule reinforcement is this?
variable ratio
when teaching a new skill , it is a good idea to start out with continuous reinforcement and then transition to an intermitten schedule of reinforcement .
the first stage we introduce an item is in:
Mass Trials (MT)
systematically increasing the amount of distractors represents what teaching stage?
Random Rotation (RR)
During the acquisition stage, how many times do we allow the child to get the acquisition item wrong before prompting
after the first incorrect
what is the correction procedure for Mastered Items (MIs)
allow the child 2 incorrect before prompting and it depends on the child
in order to maintain previously mastered skills (MIs), how often should you do MI sittings
after 2 acquisition stages and depending on the child
Incidental teaching is a form of _________
Loose teaching
Examples of Incidental teaching are....
closing the door waiting for the child to say "open the door" and child is pulling on your arm and you say "say come", child says come and you follow
The correct way to implement Incidental teaching is...
wait for initiation , request an elaborated response and model prompt if needed, reinforce by providing the requested item/activity.
total task chaining requires therapist to...
have child complete the entire task while prompting when needed
during forward and backward chaining, if the child cannot complete one of the steps independently, the therapist should...
increase the prompt until the child can preform the step independently
Which 2 things should be considered before deciding on using a Task Analysis?
the complexity of the task and the ability of the child
what teaching stage will help a child having discrimination difficulties between two items?
Blocked Trials (BT)
what will determine the amount of trials per block in BT?
the supervisor and the level of the child
decreasing the size of the blocks correctly is represented by...
once you can target the blocks without a time break between them, you have decreased the size of the blocks, faded the prompt for switched trials and the accuracy is 90%, which stage should be next?
Random Rotation (RR)
DRA -Differential reinforcement of alternative behavior
reinforces occurences of a bx that provides a described alternative to the problem bx. Not necessarily incompatable w/the bx.
DRI-Differential Reinforcement of incompatable bx.
reinforces a bx that cannot occur simultaneously with a challenging bx and withheld reinforcement following instances of a problem behavior
DRO-Differential reinforcement of other behavior
reinforcement is delivered whenever the target bx does not occur during a specific time
DRL- Differential reinforcement of lower rates of responding
reinforcement is delivered by either meeting criteria set for time allowed between responses or by the set responses in time
Fixed interval
length of time is the same , reinforcer delivered @end of time.
Varied interval
length of time changes for each interval ex. 10 min, 8 min, 4 min.
fixed momentary
length of time same , reinforcer given on the moment as along as no Bx is occuring
Varied momentary
length of time changes reinforcement still given at end as long as bx is not happening on the moment
stimulus control transfer procedures are successful when..
the SD can independently elicit behavior
stimulus control transfer procedures include...
most to least, time delay, least to most and graduated guidance
which stimulus control transfer procedure would be most appropriate for teaching a child to button pants
graduated guidance
stimulus fading involves:
fading in and fading out
stimulus fading is helpful with skills like...
writing, drawing,and math problems
what type of prompt is it when staff member points to the correct card
what type of prompt is it when target is placed closer to student
prompt fading should happen...
prompt dependency occurs when:
the child relies on the prompt to elicit a desired behavior
deciding on what prompt to use, and how quickly to fade the prompt depends on each individual child.
four forms of generalization are..
stimulus generalization, response generalization, generalization across environments,and generalization across people
Sandra learned what cat looks like. Now, every time she sees an animal with four legs, she identifies it as cat. What type of generalization is this?
maintenance of previously mastered skills occurs when:
a student learns to say their name when asked " what is your name" and can do so a month later, as well as increasing the frequency of targeting a desired behavior
different strategies used when maintaining a learned behavior are:
thinning the program schedule, integrating a mastered skill into a more complex skill sets, and transitioning mastered skills into the natural environment.
training the stakeholders is ...
crucial in the continued progress of the child
the types of abuse are:
physical, sexual, neglect, and unlawful corporal punishment
Subjective information is..
personal opinion, interpretation, emotion, points of view
Objective information is...
fact based, measurable, and observable
information given to you second hand about what is going on with a student is called
making sure your notes and records are secure is an ethical _____
two types of note taking are acceptable in ABA are...
anecdotal and objective
The BACB defines a RBT as
a paraprofessional who practices under close ungoing supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA
The RBT is responsible for...
the direct implementation of skill-aquisition and behavior reduction plan developed by the supervisor. The RBT may also collect data and conduct certain types of assessments.
ethics are _________and__________.
rules of conduct and moral codes
ethics comes from a persons awareness of____and___.
right and wrong
stakeholders consist of...
family, caregivers, other professionals and in some cases, the client
a dual relationship is a situation where _____roles exist between a therapist , or other mental health practitioners, and the client
the types of dual relationships are...
foreseeable and unforeseeable, concurrent and consecutive
the ethical responsibilities of the RBT are:
1.respond appropriately to feedback and maintain or improve performance accordingly.
2.communicate with stakeholders as authorized.
3.maintain professional boundaries
4.maintain client dignity
5.maintain objective and compliant session notes
confidentiality is a set of________or promises that limits access or places restrictions on certain information
professional persons in health care delivery fields (including those working in the public school) have _______and_______ responsibilities to safeguard the confidentiality of information regarding the clients in their care.
legal and ethical
two major types of confidentiality are____and_____
vocal and written
Four functions of behavior are...
sensory, escape, attention seeking and tangible