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Roaring Twenties

The __________ was an era of criminals who had no respect for law and order.


America was changing from a Godly nation with religious character to a __________ nation.


Contributing to the increasing __________ rate during the Roaring Twenties were the teaching of humanistic values in schools and a decline in the standarads of personal behaviour.


__________ teaches that man himself is a god.

John Dewey

__________ introduced the philosophy of humanism into the educational system.


Mr. Dewy believs that man acts the way he does because of his __________.

Lt. Jimmy Doolittle

__________ is remembered in history for being the first person to cross the continent by air in less than a day.

Calvin Coolidge's

During __________ years as President, the federal budget did not rise, and the national debt dropped by almost 25 percent.


According to president Coolidge's political philososphy, when people ask for help from the govrnment, they lose some of their __________.

Clarence Darrow

__________, a famous New York criminal laywer, came to Dayton, Tennesse, to defend John Scopes in the Scopes trial

William J. Bryan

__________ argued the case for the state in the Scopes Trial.


The Scopes Trial was about evolution versus __________.

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