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Module 4 Study Guide

BIBL 104
Why did God reject Eli's family from priesthood?
Eli's sons were not faithful to God and they did not know the Lord. They did sinful things, taking advantage of their positions and Eli honored his sons above God. Although Eli knew they were wrong, he consented to their behavior.
What was significant about the birth and childhood of Samuel?
His mother made a vow to God if He would give her a son she would dedicate him to God as a life long Nazirite. Samuel served in the tabernacle for God. He was a messenger of God prophesying that god was going to remove Eli and his family from the priesthood.
Why did the Israelites decide they needed a king?
Samuel's sons were dedicated to be priests, but they were far away from home and practiced corrupt activities. The people were no longer willing to put up with such corruption. They asked Samuel for a king like the rest of the nations because of the failur of Samuel's sons and national security.
What were the good features that made Saul appear to be the right choice at first?
God told Samuel through signs and visions that he was the one. He was a taller and stronger man who could lead them into battle. He seemed to love God for the victories He gave Israel.
What were Saul's fatal character flaws, and how did he demonstrate them?
Saul's weakness as a king centered on his lacking spiritual discernment. He tended to act impulsively and did not trust God. He also could not differentiate between YHWH and the gods of the Canaanites.
What did God look for in a king?
Somone after His own heart and someone to be obedient.
How did David show that he had kingly qualities?
David understood the spiritual dimension and had a high regard for YHWH even if he did not always do what he should.
Contrast David and Saul during the years after David was anointed.
After David was anointed he continued to obey and follow God. He became more victorious than Saul. Saul became jealous of David and tried to kill him. Saul did not obey and follow God as David did.
What was tragic about Saul's death?
Saul lost his sons and killed himself on his own sword on the battlefield. Saul was not the king the people hoped for.
Describe how David exhibitied his faith in times of adversity as Saul pursued him.
David exhibited his faith and integrity when he twice had the opportunity to kill Saul but refused saying he did not want to kill the king.
What is the function of psalms? How do the different types of psalms achieve this?
Psalms "poetry" served the peopel of God as they dealt with many issues of life. Psalms help focus both the mind and the emotions on God. With Laments, people would express their hurt, confessions, and trust in God. With Praise Psalms, people would talk about God's greatness and power. Psalms were also a guide to worship.
Why was David at first crowned king of Judah only?
The people of Israel didn't want what God wanted and they made Saul's heir to be the next king. The people of Judah crowned David king and the nation was divided.
What are the steps that led to David's becoming king of the entire nation?
David became King of Judah, the nation divided and a civil war broke out. Some men of King Ish-Bosheth killed him and brought his head to David. David was disgusted by their wicked ways and executed them. The people of Israel were needing a new king so they asked David to be their king then David agreed and unified the tribes.
Why was David not allowed to build a temple?
God intended for somone else to build a temple. God had different missions for different people. David was a warrior.
How did David demonstrate his human weaknesses?
He stayed home from his warrior duties and became lustful toward Bathsheba. David got her pregnant and tried to cover-up by trying to get Bathsheba's husband to sleep with her so he would think the baby was his. That didn't work so he made sure her husband would die in battle by putting him on the front line. He sinned against God.
Describe the process by which Solomon became king.
David's fourth son tried to claim the throne. David and God desired Solomon to become the next king. With David's apporval, Nathan and Zadok anointed Solomon as king.
What is the function of Proverbs?
The purpose of Proverbs is to teach wisdom and skill in living identifying the best things a person can do to promote a successful life.
Contrast Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
Proverbs was written by Solomon as a younger man, Ecclesiastes was composed when he was older after he realized his mistakes and had been led away from God. Proverbs talks about how life works and in Ecclesisastes, Solomon comes to the conculsion that life is meaningless without God.
What was Solomon's greatest building project, and why was it so significant?
Solomon's Temple was dedicated to God and the ark was placed in the Holy of Holies. God's glory fell upon the temple and gave Solomon a promise.
What led to Solomon's failure?
God asked Solomon to obey him. Solomon lost his spiritual zeal. Solomon was drawn away from God by his love for women, money and material wealth.
Why did the northern tribes leave the kingdom of Israel?
The people requested tax relief and Rehoboam refused. The kingdom split after the death of Solomon when the norther tribes left Israel in favor of independent rule under Jeroboam.
What steps did Jeroboam take to establish a separate idnetity for the Northern Kingdom?
He built a new capital at Shechem and established a new religous structure to keep the people from going to Jerusalem. He had 2 golden calves set up in Bethel and Dan to attract people from all backgrounds. He established local shrines for worship and opened the priesthood to whomever wanted to serve. He created a new religion.
Why is Omri largely ignored in the biblical record?
He was like his predecessors and even worse...wicked man.
What did Ahab do that showed the direction the Northern Kingdom was going?
Ahab married jezebel and served Baal and the Asherah. He was more evil than his predeccessors. Ahab was weak in character, tended to blame others for his shortcomings and was dominated by his wife.
What is the significance of Jezebel?
Jezebel was powerful over men. She intimidated her husband, other men and the prophet Elijah. Through her intimidation of men and God working through Jehu's killing of Jezebel, Jehu soon became the next king.
What was the funtion of a prophet, and how was that function fulfilled?
The funtion of a prophet was to be a spokesperson of God and to reveal God's intentions in terms of specific actions in space-time history. God wanted to reconcile human beings to Himself. The prophets brought prophecy of blessings, curses, judgments and punishments. The nature of its fulfillment is a combination of God's intervening in history and God's knowing how created beings would act. The long-term value of prophecy shows God's sovereign control over space-time history.
Compare the ministries of Elijah and Elisha.
They both stood against the most wicked dynasty in the north. They both had a purpose to show the poer and sovereignty of God. In comparison with Elijah's ministry, twice as many supernormal events are recorded of Elisha. Elisha recieved a double portion of Elijah's spirit.
What is the significane of Micaiah?
The significance of Micaiah was that he saw into the spiritual realm and that his prophesy proved that there is a spriritual realm beyond the physical where the real battle is being fought.
Who was Jehu?
Jehu became king and led a strong dynasty that lasted 89 years in the Northern Kingdom. It was the most solid dynasty the Northern Kingdom had ever seen.
What was the distinctive mission given to Jonah?
Jonah's mission was to go to Nineveh and tell them that God is the sovereign Creator who is able to judge entire nations including Nineveh. He was an international God.
Summarize the message of Amos.
Amos was called to pronounce God's judment on the Northern Kingdom. A key term in the message of the prophet Amos is "the day of the Lord", a time where God intervenes in history to advance His overall program.
How did Hosea try to convey his message to the Northern Kingdom?
Hosea conved his messaged by prophesying and comparing his relationship to Gomer with God's relationship to Israel. He proclaimed separation and a final plea for repentance and return to the tru God. If the nations did so, they would be forgiven and heald.
How did the Northern Kingdom end?
Hoshea revolted and the city was put under siege. Samaria was conquered by Assyria in 722 BC. The Northern Kingdom was in exile from the fact that their peole had adopted pegan worship and faced God's judgment.
Know the rationale behind the use of the terms "minor" and "major" prophets.
The minor prophets are called minor because these books are short in length, "shorter not less important." The major prophets are longer books, "larger equals longer."
What are some of the main reasons the prophetic books are so difficult to interpret and read?
The misunderstanding of their function and form. We need to understand the times and to which context the prophets spoke. The problem of historical distance is another difficulty.
What did most of the "predictions" of the OT prophets deal with directly?
They usually predicted the immediate future of Israel, Judah and other surrounding nations. OT prophets deal directly with events that have already happened. The prophets and all of their words should not be viewed through the eyes of current events in the 21st century.
Why is historical distance a problem as it relates to understanding the prophet?
It id difficult to understand the prophets in our time. We are far removed from the religious, historical, and cultural life of ancient Israel. We have a difficult time puting the prophet's words in the right context.
Know "The Function of Prophecy in Israel."
The prophets were enforcers of the Law of the covenant. The prophets' words were not their onw but God's. The prophets were God's direct representatives and their message is unoriginal.
Understand the concept of "blessing and curses" in prophecy.
God invented blessing and curses to bless his people when they obeyed the Law and to curse them when they disobeyed. Blessing and curses are always corporate, referring to the nation as a whole.
Why is historical context, date of the oracle, and audience important in our study of the prophetic books?
God spoke in history about history. God spoke through his prophets to people in a given time and place and under given circumstances. Knowing these things help us understand an oracle. This helps in individualizing oracles.
Know "the forms of Prophetic Utterances."
The covenant lawsuit, the woe, the promise, the enactment prophecy, and the messenger speech.
What key advantage do the author's mention that poetry has oever prose?
Poetry's advantage is that it is more readily memorized than prose.
True or False: Most of the events the prophets predicted are now in our past?
According to Hindons, David showed all of the essential qualities of leadership. True or False