Spanish Vocab 6

51 terms by davidbd

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Spanish vocabulary

la olla

cooking pot

la sartén

frying pan

el armario


un estante, una balda

a shelf

puede que

maybe, it may be that, possibly

cuanto antes

as soon as possible

el sello

stamp, seal, hallmark

el frigorífico, la nevera

fridge (2)




to nod, agree

el sueldo


subir el sueldo a alguien

to give someone a raise

la sien

temple, side of the head

quitarse los zapatos

to take off one's shoes

salir bien

to turn out well

las despedidas


el bolígrafo

ballpoint pen


to charge, to earn

Maria cobra 5000 al mes

Maria earns 5000 a month.

tener nada que ver con

to have nothing to do with

No no no, eso, si que no!

No way!

la fuente

fountain, source, serving dish





Me gusta conocer a gente.

I like to meet people.

asar a la parilla

to grill

la parilla

the grill (cooking)


pleasant, agreeable, tasty

Leo tanto los libros como las revistas.

I read books as well as magazines.

A continuación

below (in text, indicating something to follow)


to hunt

Has ganado el juego?

Did you win the game?


informant, rat, cop (Mex)

la azotea

flat roof


cool, good (slang)

la hierba, el cespéd

grass (2)



un robo

a robbery


to throw, drop, shoot

Tira a azul

It's bluish.

Tira a su abuela.

She takes after her grandmother

el roble

oak tree

la reunión



to tire, to bore, to be tiring


to get tired, to be tired

eso me cansa

That bores/tires me.

El Blandito

transformable furniture pad

el tío politico

uncle by marriage

la derrota

the defeat, ship's course, road/path

una racha

a streak, series, spell, string

una mala racha

a bad spell, bad streak

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