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Mr. Beard

Presentation Software

--A type of software (like PowerPoint) that is used to create professional presentation that is usually shown using a projector on a screen.


area where you create, edit, and display information on a single screen in a PowerPoint presentation


Normal or Slides View

Normal or Slides View--

The view in which you would actually develop each slide. In this view you can use the Slides Tab and Outline Tab

Slide Sorter--

This displays small slides on the screen so you can easily rearrange the slides.

Slide Show--

The view that lets you "run" your presentation as a slide show

Notes Page—

displays your slides on the top portion of the page, with any Speaker Notes appearing in the Notes pane on the bottom of the page


a slide show, such as slide transitions, animation, or audio.


prints a slide or slides.

Slide Transitions--

control how one slide is removed from the screen and the next appears.


prints a thumbnail or small slides of the slide 3, 4, 6, or 9 to a page. A good way to print your slides!

Speaker Notes or Notes Page—

prints the slides with the helpful notes you included for when you give the presentation.


prints the slides or lets you see the slides with only the text.

Design Template or Themes—

are pre-designed graphic styles that you can apply to existing slides.


are predesigned PowerPoints that you can use. Instead of creating a Blank Presentation, you choose a design template.

Slide Master--

should be used to cause the same fonts, colors, logos, headers/footers, and other customizations to appear on all the slides.

Title Slide--

is the first slide of the presentation, which is used to introduce the presentation to the audience, and has placeholders for the title and subtitle.

Slide layout—

the placement of placeholders or objects on a slide that determines how all of the objects on a slide are arranged.

Animation or custom animation--

are used to add visual effects and/or sounds to individual text, graphics, or other elements on a slide.

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