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  1. Samaria
  2. Jehoiakim (609-598)
  3. Babylonian exile
  4. saul
  5. Jericho
  1. a first king of israel, anointed by prophet samuel, committed suicideduring battel with philistines
  2. b ancient city of central Palestine in present-day northwest Jordan. It was founded in the ninth century B.C. as the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel, also known as Samaria
  3. c became king at the age of twenty-five,second son of king Josiah by Zebidah the daughter of Pedaiah of Rumah. His birth name was Eliakim.
  4. d is a city located near the Jordan River in the West Bank of the Palestinian Territory. Known in Judeo-Christian tradition as the place of the Israelites' return from bondage in Egypt, led by Joshua, the successor to Moses.
  5. e - 587-538

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  1. was placed in charge of the Assyrian Empire while his father, Sargon II, was on campaign.
  2. was a Canaanite city mentioned in the Amarna letters, and later became an Israelite city in the tribe of Manasseh. It was the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel.
  3. reigned 876-869 or c. 884-c. 872 BC), king of Israel, the father of Ahab.
  4. Hophni and Phinehas, meanwhile, were behaving wickedly, for example by taking for themselves all the prime cuts of meat from sacrifices, and by having sex with the women who served at the sanctuary entrance.
  5. the second king of israel, a righteous one, as well as an acclaimed warrior

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  1. hebronoriginally a canaanite royal city, before it became one of the principle centers of the tribe of judah


  2. NathanKing of Israel (c.869-850 BCE), son of Omri and husband of Jezebel, a Sidonian princess. He defeated the armies of Damascus and came into conflict with Assyria.


  3. Rehoboamthe son of Nebat "an Ephrathite" (1 Kings 11:26-39), was the first king of the break-away ten tribes or Kingdom of Israel, over whom he reigned twenty-two years.


  4. abneris only referred to incidentally in Saul's history (1 Samuel 17:55, 26:5)[1], and is not mentioned in the account of the disastrous battle of Gilboa when Saul's power was crushed


  5. Mount cermelwas apparently one of the favorite places of Elijah, one of the major Prophets of God