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Longman listening tests

drainage system

the process or system by which water or waste liquid flows away
- We need a plan to improve the town's drainage system.


- The decision was reached after consultation with parents and teachers.


very tall
- Geologists believe that Crater Lake was once part of a towering volcanic mountain.


- The availability of archeological evidence for study is dependent on the natural conditions in which the archeological remains are found, ...


rich and successful
ooo rich, affluent, well-off

... archeologists have been focusing more on wet sites, which are proving to be rich sources of evidence about lifestyle and activities of past human cultures.
- wealthy - substiantial
- properous - probable



large in amount or number
- We have the support of a substantial number of parents.


to become worse
- ... organic finds, and wood in particular, deteriorate rapidly when they are removed from the wet environment and begin to dry out.


consisting of four parts or elements

the huge cost of wetland archeology, which has been estimated to be quadruple the cost of dry land archeology.
- one-quarter
- four-sided
- four-feet
- 4 times

4 times


a weapon used for hunting whales
syn. spear


made into a liquid by being heated to a very high temperature
syn. melted
The Earth's mantle, the layer of partially molten material between the Earth's cor and its outer crust, high temperature

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