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How many different blood types are there
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Antigens present or absent on the surface of the red blood cells are used to determine blood types these are________moleculesCarbohydrateA potentially life-threatening situation during incomplete blood transfusion is calledIntravascular hemolysisMan oligospermia with should be elevated for which type of disorderThyroidA negative reaction to a mantoux test would include an induration of:Less than 5 mmPostprandial refers toAfter eatingInsulin is secreted by which organPancreasWhen performing the mantoux test what size needle would you choose27 -- 28 gauge 1/2inchWhich of the following factors can alter the results of semen analysisSmoking cigarettesThe induration (raised hardened area) on a patient's arm in response to a mantoux test is positive if it isAlmost invisibleAlthough PPD is used to test for tuberculosis it is also called the__________ test after the physician who developed it.Mantoux testTo evaluate a newborn for PKU, Aubrey Jones, CNA uses the___________ to evaluate the baby's bloodGuthrie screening testWhen Mary O'keefe's enzymes immunoassy test isimmunoassy test, Ellen Armstrong, CMA assumes that this positive reaction indicates a normal pregnancy. However, the detection of HCG_______ can also indicate abnormal conditions such as ectopic pregnancyHuman chorionic gonadotropinHigh levels of______ the "bad" cholesterol, are associated with increased risk for coronary artery disease. Cholesterol bound to________ the "good" cholesterol is transported into the liver, where is excreted in form of bile.- Low density lipoprotein - high density lipoproteinSerum____________ concentration will increase moderately after ingesting a meal containing fat peaking 4 to 5 hours later.TriglyceridesNora Fowler was born with an inherited condition in which the amino acid phenylalanine is not metabolizedPhenylketonuriaWhen Renal disease is suspected, a physician will order, as one of several tests, a___________ testBlood urea nitrogenPatients exhibiting a positive or questionable ______________reaction should have a chest x-ray study to examine for tuberculosis, and a sputum sample should be stained to search for acid fast rods. The presence of tuberculosis and acid-fast rods confirms active tuberculosisPurified protein derivativeTwo categories of blood typing are for the__________ and the______________ABO blood group and the Rh factorName three reasons for performing a semen analysis on a male patient- Check the effectiveness of a vasectomy - to test the mail to see if he is the reason for infertility - the paternity substantiate rape casesWhen a semen analysis is performed as part of a fertility worinal, seminal fluid is analyzed to determine what 4 factorsA, b, ab, and oWhat are some ways that quality control can be maintained when performing waived category tests in the Pol-Kits should be stored and used by the temperature directed by the manufacturer - positive and negative controls should be run along with patient samples - expiration dates should be checked - manufacturer's instructions must be followed preciselyThe RH type of most North Americans isPositiveGlucose is the principal carbohydrate found circulating in theBloodExcess glucose is converted into________for short term storage in the liver and muscle cellsGlycogenThe blood glucose level of ____________patients usually peaks 30 to 60 minutes after consumption of the glucose test solution. Leading to a level of 160 to 180mg and then returnes to fasting level after 2 to 3 hours.Non diabeticA patient should be instructed to eat a diet high in_______ for 3 days before the glucose tolerance testCarbohydratesTo determine whether diabetic patients are consistently adhering to their diets, providers can administer the__________Glycosylated hemoglobin determination