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a tuna salad was removed from refridgeration n served at picnic at 1pm. the temp of the salad never exceeded 70F. when must any remaining tuna salad be thrown out
caterers hold food hot for service by
keeping temp at 135F n checking temp regularly
hot food is being delivered to a banquet. what is the lowest temp it should be recieved
135 F
determining where hazards occur in the flow of food, identifying potential hazards, and grouping food by how it is processed in a food servc operation are all important elements of
conducting a hazard analysis
what is the minimum internal temp for cooking pork
145 F for 15 seconds
cook is cooking for the buffet line. the food is needed on the buffet line immediately. the cook should
continue cooking the food until it has reached minimum internal temp n transfered to buffet line
which utensils could be contaminated while stored at an offsite location
serving utensils stored in standing water between uses
the best way to minimize the growth of bacteria in TCS foods in a cold holding unit is to
maintain foods at 41F or below
the temp of a turkey is measured during cooking. this is an example of
monitoring to determine if a critical limit is met
juice must be prepared following a HAACP plan if
it is prepared in on site for service or for sale to high risk population
thawing frozen food in a sink of standing water is a hazard because this method
may allow harmful bacteria to grow
what is the correct procedure for delivering prepared hot food off site
maintain hot food temp above 135F
a food handler serving a glass of water to a customer should avoid holding the glass by the
how long must operations keep shellstock identification tags on file after the date last shellfish was sold or served
90 days
which is an important safe food handling practice
cooking food at minimum internal temps
fruits and veggies that are cooked for hot holding must reach a temp of
chili is reheated in the microwave to 155F. halfway thru cooking, the chili is stirred. it is then allowed to stand for several minutes after cooking. what is incorrect about this process
reheating it to 155F
cross contamination could occur if wat raw foods were stored together during transportation
ground beef with whole beef roast
cottage cheese should be held on a salad bar at or below which temp
which food should be delivered to an offsite serving location at either 41F or below or 135F or above
cooked beans
the manager assigns a cook to monitor n record temps on the steam table in order to
avoid time-temp abuse
at which minimum temp should hot food be held on a self service buffet
one example of cross contamination is when a food handler
uses the same ice for serving drinks and keeping beverages bottles cold
the temp of poultry is measured during cooking. this is an example of
monitoring to determine if a critical limit is met
a critical control points is a step in the flow of food where
harmful pathogens are unable to multiple
an operation that wants to serve clams that are displayed in a line tank until preparation must
obtain a variance from the regulatory authority-- some foods require.
which procedure should be following when making a sauce that contains raw eggs for high risk customers
pasterized eggs
the first step in cooling a large roast before refridgerating is
cut it into smaller pieces
if a turkey is cooled from 135 F to 70F in 2hours and then 70F to 41F in the remaining 4 hours, was it correctly cooled