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The tube that collects bronchial washings is

(A) broyles
(B) lukens
(C) ellik
(D) toomey


What instrument is used to view lymph nodes or masses in the space that medially separates the pleural cavities?

(A) bronchoscope
(B) mediastinoscope
(C) endoscope
(D) colonoscope


The procedure of choice for removal of a foreign body in a child's tracheobronchial tree is

(A) brochoscopy
(B) mediastinoscopy
(C) fluroscopy
(D) telemetry


A cytologic specimen collector used in bronchoscopy is

(A) ellik
(B) toomey
(C) jackson
(D) lukens


All of the following are true regarding disposable chest drainage units EXCEPT

(A) provides drainage collection form intrapleural space
(B) maintains a seal to prevent air from entering the pleural cavity
(C) provieds suction control determined by water level
(D) aids in re-establishing positive pressure in the intrapleural space

aids in re-establishing positive pressure in the intrapleural space

Compression of the subclavian vessels and the brachial plexis usually caused by the first rib is surgically known as

(A) cervical sympathectomy
(B) throacic outlet syndrome
(C) thoracic sympathectomy
(D) decortication

thoracic outlet syndrome

A reduction of negative pressure on one side of the thoracic cavity that causes the negative pressure on the normal side to pull in an effort to equalize pressure is called

(A) vital cpacity
(B) mediastinal shift
(C) subatmospheric pressure
(D) pneumothorax

mediastinal shift

Surgical removal of fibrinous deposits on the visceral and parietal pleura is called

(A) posteriolateral thoracoplasty
(B) talc poudrage
(C) decortication of the lung
(D) anterior thoracoplasty

decortication of the lung

What substance is introduced through a thoracoscope to deal with recurrent pleural effusion attributable to advanced cancer?

(A) chemotherapeutics
(B) talc
(C) tetracycline
(D) hemostatic agents


What instrument is used to reqpproximate the ribs following an open thoracotomy?

(A) doyen
(B) bailey
(C) alexander
(D) bethune


What cold solution is used to preserve a donor lung before transplant into a recipient?

(A) Ringer's lactate
(B) saline
(C) Collin's
(D) Physiosol


How many anastomoses must be completed to effect a sing-lung transplant?

(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) four


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