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Examples of muscle functions

What muscle raises eyebrows and wrinkles eyebrows


What muscle is responsible for blinking and crows feet?

Orbicularis Oculi

What muscle is responsible for compressing cheeks when a person whistles of blows air?


What muscle is used when you pucker your lips?

Orbicularis Oris

What muscle is also know as the "trumpeters muscle"?


What muscle is responsible for raising the corners of mouth when smiling?


What muscle is the muscle of chewing and primary mover of elevating mandible?


What muscle is the primary muscle for elevating the mandible?


What muscles origins are on the sternum and clavicle?


What muscle is diamond or trapizoid shaped and is used in shoulder shrugging and pulling back?


What muscle is fan shaped?


What muscle elevates during breathing?

External Intercostals

What muscle depresses ribs and contracts only during forced expiration?

Internal Intercostals

What muscles aid in trunk rotation and lateral flexion?

External Obliques and Internal Obliques

What muscles are located between lower ribs and the pelvic girdle?

External Obliques and Internal Obliques

What muscle helps flex and rotate lumbar portion of vertebral column?

Rectus Abdominis

What muscle is known as the boxer's muscle and is below the armpit?

Serratus Anterior

What muscle covers the shoulder and is a fleshy triangular muscle?


What muscle is the anterior muscle of upper chest and flexes arm?

Pectoralis Major

What muscle brings arm down from a raised position?

Latissimus Dorsi

What muscle is responsible for swimming, rowing and climbing a rope?

Latissimus Dorsi

What muscle buldges when forearm is flexed?

Biceps Brachii

What muscle is used when turning a doorknob, or twisting a cap/jar lid?

Biceps Brachii

What muscle is the only muscle of the posterior forearm?

Triceps Brachii

What muscle is used when playing tennis or backhand volley?

Triceps Brachii

What muscle is the primary mover for flexing thigh and trunk?


What muscle is important for walking and prevents trunk from falling back when standing erect?


What muscle covers most of the butt and is prime mover in thigh extension when walking, jumping?

Gluteus Maximus

What muscle lowers thighs sideways from a horizontal position, squeeze thighs together, and are the muscle that keep a rider on a horse?

Adductor Group

What muscle are int he Adductor Group?

Pectineus, Adductor longus, Adductor magnus, and Gracilis

What muscle is also known as the "quads"?

Quadriceps Femoris Group

What muscle is the primary extension of the leg, used when kicking a ball by straightening your knee?

Quadriceps Femoris Group

What muscle are in the Quadriceps Femoris Group?

Rectus femoris, Vastus lateralis, Vastus medialis Vastus intermedius

What muscle flexes both leg and thigh when sitting cross-legged?


What muscle can be felt behind the knee?

The Hamstring Group

What muscles are in the Hamstring Group?

Biceps femoris, Semimembranosus, semitendinosus

What muscle aids to pushing a body forward during walking and running?


What muscle is known also as the "toe dancer muscle"?


What muscle is spindle shaped?

Tibialis Anterior

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